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Hardons And Girls Part 1

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Two real stories about having hardons and the results from two different girls (high school and college). Everyone walked away happy.

Both of the stories below are true.


Study Harder

When I was a teenager and being male it was an interesting time. Sex is on the mind almost all the time. I enjoyed high school which offered many opportunities to girl watch. The best time was study hall. There were always girls in the study hall moving about doing their thing. The trick was not to stare at them, just take a look while not looking like an idiot. At times taking quick looks gave me hardons.


Hardons can be a sticky wicket; others can see a hardon too. I wore somewhat tight jeans which made a hardon hard not to notice. A hardon can occur when the penis is bent over and the erection starts to create a noticeable bulge or if the soft penis is laying straight up, (which I do every time I pull up my underwear), then the hardon looks lick the classic stiff in the pants. Which way a hardon shows, you know at some time or another a girl sees it. I never got kidded about it, probably because I acted like nothing was happening.


Anyway, day in and day out with hardons occurring without being caught staring, the “wish” happened. I was sitting at a table and a girl came and sat opposite of me but this time I was limp. Without warning or chat, she put her bare foot right on my penis. I looked at her and she was smiling. Not to let it go by, I spread my legs open more reached down and put my hand on her foot, and pressed down while moving her foot up and down a little, (no one was around). Her eyes opened wide and it looked like she could not believe what I had done. Then she could feel my penis get hard in my pants. She struck gold.


She moved her foot up and down played with my hardon with her toes and enjoyed herself. I loved it and gave her full openness to my crotch. For the record, she was OK in looks but not on my list but that did not stop me from letting her. She felt with her foot my hardon and I bet she was dying to get her hand on it but she chose to stay where she was at.


Well, the bell rang and she smiled, said thanks, and left. Of course, that left me with a hardon that was oozing precum but I did not mind. I got up and went to class. I never did hear anything about the event, I guess she kept it to herself.


College Life

This hardon story was when I was in college. I had a pretty girlfriend, named Jane who loved to make out. I would go see her and sometimes we ended up in the lounge of her apartment kissing. Hardons always occurred and guys knew girlfriends loved to get their guys up. My girlfriend just loved to kiss as long as she/we could. On a night of kissing and talking, I happened to squeeze my muscles down in my crotch and it caused my hardon to move. She saw the movement of my penis and freaked out! She asked, “What was that?” I said, “What?” She said, “I saw your pants move!” and pointed towards the location of the movement.


I laughed and told her what occurred. She never knew guys could do this and wanted me to tell her everything. I told her guys can squeeze the muscles down in the crotch and I touched the areas, her eyes open wide. Then I said if I kept squeezing the muscles, my erect penis would move up and down. She asked how. With my index finger, I pointed to my hardon and moved my finger down the length of my hard penis then I showed her with my index finger how an erect penis sticks out then I moved the finger up and down. She could not believe it. I said, “Watch”.


I started squeezing those muscles and my hardon moved in my pants. She watched with her mouth open. I told her I can put on a hand towel and make my erect penis move up and down. By now I think she was turned on and her clit was throbbing. Before we could say anything else, some girls came in and sat down. Jane could hardly control herself. We could not kiss or talk about penises. All she could do was look down at my hardon and I moved it – she wiggled in the couch. The other girls finally left and she immediately started kissing me, and then stopped, and said, “Move it!” and watched it. She asked some more questions about boys and my penis until it was time I had to go. She did not tell me she did afterwards but I’m sure her clit was throbbing and her panties were wet. For me, I got back to my dorm room, took a shower, and masturbated a crying penis asking for relief.   


More stories to follow.



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