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She Wanted to See It All

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We had met on the Internet. In some chat room or other and progressed to logging on to talk to each other privately. We would meet at specific times on AOL to go to a private room and talk about our day and what was happening in our lives. We seemed to "click" and became fast friends.

Sometimes we would talk and laugh for hours at a time. I would log on to meet her after my work finished at about 4:00. It was such an exciting and new way to have a secret friend. I was 42 years old at the time and she was half my age. She told me that the age difference was one of the things that she liked about our online relationship. She loved the idea that we could be good friends and share so much even though she was so much younger.

One day after work I logged on and we were talking and somehow the conversation took a new direction, we were doing more flirting than usual. The conversation turned downright sexual. And soon we were talking openly about how turned on we were getting. Things progressed rapidly from there and we found that soon we were talking on the phone regularly. We met shortly after that and began a furious hot and heavy affair. My story is about one day during the year or so that we were lovers.

We met online and typed to each other for a while. It was our usual way to talk about our day and relax. We talked about the last time we had met and we both were becoming excited by remembering. I told her that I would probably have to "relieve" myself soon if we kept going much longer. She thought that it was really hot that I would jerk off thinking of her. Then she said, "You know I have never seen a man do it. I would really love to watch from beginning to end and see how you jerk it off" I said matter of factly "I would love to have you watch me sometime". She shocked me by saying "lets do it right now". She said that she had some time before she had to eat and if I got there soon we would have enough time. I logged of and shut down my office, rushing to get to my car. It was about a 30 minute drive to where she lived and I was getting more and more excited by the minute during the drive.

I got off the highway and pulled into the commuter lot where we planned to meet. She was already there as it was just down the street from her house. She got out of her car and into my passenger seat in seconds and we kissed and laughed at how quick I made it to our meeting place. My blonde haired beauty had on a red and white summer dress with black strapped heels that showed off her beautiful tanned feet and muscular legs. Her perfume filled the car. I was getting harder by the second. She said that she had to eat soon so we should start. The sexual tension in the car was pretty high. I gave an embarrassed laugh, said "well here we go" and undid my belt and started to unbutton the front of my jeans. She smiled when I pulled my hard cock out and she sat closer so that she wouldn't miss a thing. I started slowly working my hand up and down. It felt so exciting having her there and fully dressed watching me do such a private thing. I was sort of confined by my jeans so she said "here pull them down and put the seat back, it will be better". So I pulled them down around my ankles and dropped the seat back as far as it would go. She said that she would be sure nobody could see us. I started to go faster. Every so often I would rub or pull on my balls as I stroked. She kept talking to me. Telling me how good it looked and how hot it was making her. I know that my cock was as hard as it has ever been. I told her that I was almost there and she said "let it go all over". "I want to watch it come out the end". She moved even closer to me but didn't touch me at all. She had the most lustful look on her face, all red and flushed. Her beautiful body inches from me with her legs pulled up in front of her was enough to send me over the edge. I felt the electricity shoot up my spine and my balls contracted. I pushed up in the seat and I remember almost screaming when I came. My cock pulsed and a huge shot of cum hit the BMW emblem on the steering wheel almost covering it completely. Then another shot went up through the wheel and hit the dash. I kept cumming so hard I thought it would never stop. Jizz was everywhere. I was totally spent and lay back to relax.

Pretty Lisa said that it was the hottest thing she had ever seen. I told her that it was the hottest thing I had ever done. We kissed and she said she had to run. She left me to clean up. What a thrill that was for both of us. That started us on a road to more experimentation that lasted throughout our affair. Perhaps I will write more about what we tried if anyone enjoyed this. What a great site!!



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