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Girl Next Door

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My younger sisters friend julie lives next door and last summer she spent a lot of time around ours. She was 15 then, a real cutie and very flirty. I have a part time business wood turning and last summer I was making breakfast stools. One afternoon my sister and Julie were in the workshop helping out. Part of the process was hand finishing the legs drilling holes and using a mitre, then by hand with carbon paper to get a smooth finish. Julie was fascinated by all of this and I said she could come and help any time.

Sure enough, after school one day she came along and helped by holding the legs as I finished them off. She started holding them with her hands but after a while she began to straddle the legs holding them between her thighs. For the next few days she came in after school and straight away came over, straddled the long piece of wood and then it dawned on me she was getting a thrill from the vibrations of my tools, going through the wood, a few times she had the pole jammed really tightly up against her pussy and her eyes shut and I noticed she had her hips thrust forward. This was so horny I had a massive erection and had to keep slightly bent over to hide it and to control the sperm rising.

As time went by I began to increase the vibrations on the pole and actually slide it to and fro using the excuse to work on another part. Julie was oblivious and I was very aroused looking at her in such a horny state, cheeks flushed and glazed eyes. My mind began to wander and I created legs with patterns on, which were nubs that I hoped she would find even more stimulating and as I gently eased this new style pole between her thighs it was having the desired effect, she closed her eyes and was visibly rocking herself against the little nubs.

One afternoon she came in a little later and she had on a very short denim skirt which exposed her pink panties as she cocked her leg over the pole. This time she had her back to me and I fixed my gaze on her cute butt as she began to rock and squeeze on the pole, I lifted it up a couple of times to prerss it right up her crotch, she froze and locked out her bum until I lowered it and she returned to her gentle grinding. When I had finished that leg, she lifted her leg over and I had a perfect view of her pink panties crotch, the material was dark and damp and stuck to her little snatch.

Finally, the day I blew my load in my jeans, she came in late wearing only a leotard saying she had gym in half an hour so she couldn't stay long. I took this as she didn't have long to get her daily thrill and straight away she straddled a leg as I worked away. Only inches from my face was her sweet puss bulging around the smooth wood, her thighs were locked out and flexing as she squeezed herself off. I moved the pole around a lot and didn't hide the fact I was sliding it between those tight thighs.

After a while I could make out her lips puffed and bulging through her tight leotard and then she began to rock and squeeze in a rythum that was obvious what she was doing. My cock was throbbing in my jeans and moments later as I watched her grind into the pole and pull it tightly between her thighs with both hands I exploded as she had her orgasm.



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