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A Series of Encounters 2

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Part deux of my time with C

C loved to masturbate. We sat opposite each other at work and once I noticed that one hand was on the table, writing and the other, well, wasn't. Me: Where's your left hand? (No reply. Head lowered and eyes raised towards me, bright, and the start of a smile on her lips) Me: You're not? (I asked incredulously) I needed to find out so I dropped a pen on the floor and scrambled down too look for it. Sure enough her left hand was up beneath her shortish skirt and she had managed to move her panties aside for better access. Her middle finger was tracing patterns up and down her wet slit and occasionally dipping into the pot. She knew I was there so she gave herself a quick fingering for a few seconds and I heard her breathing change. Over the course of the next couple of hours I lost count of the number of times I dropped my pen, but I know I hardly got any work done that day. She later got up and as she passed me she trailed her middle finger under my nose and whispered, "I need to sort something out". She was gone for ten minutes and when she returned she sat down and raised two fingers and also mouthed "Two". I wish I'd seen them!

The tale about the wall I know about but I wasn't there! We used to phone each other perhaps weekly and generally would steer the conversation to sex and masturbatory practices. On this occasion she had obtained a new video which contained some anal scenes and was recounting some for me.(By this time, my shorts are comfortably around my ankles and my cock is in my hand!) I think this was the first time the subject had come up. So I asked her if they had been enough to make her come. She said she had been playing but had not come yet. She had licked a middle finger and reached beneath to her arse hole whilst rubbing her pussy with the other hand. She said she wanted to come for me! "Where are you now?", I asked. "I'm lying on my back on the floor of the lounge with my knees bent and my feet planted against the wall", "And where are your hands?" "My left hand is stroking my arsehole, and I've got the phone wedged under my left ear, and my right hand is stroking my clit. I've now put my finger in. Wait, I need to wet it" So she did and within a few seconds was back. "That's better, my finger is half way in and I can now slide it in and out. Go for it I'm fucking my arse AND my pussy. Oh shit. I want your cock in my arse. Fuck my arse, fuck my pussy". And then she made that wonderful throaty grunting sound of someone cumming heavily. The phone had been dropped from her shoulder by now so all I could hear was a distant "Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm fucking coming", and then a nice loud "Aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh. God", I'd been wanking all the time to the sound of this and managed to finish just as she did. That was one intense, draining orgasm but not the last we shared. More to follow



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