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Step Sister Gives Helping Hand

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My parents adopted a shirt tail kissing cousin when her parents were killed in a wreck. This happened last summer. I've been reading your stories after she turned me on to Solo Touch. Figured it's my turn to add my story here.


My step-sister who is the same age as I am had been away at a private school for girls for four years. She had graduated and was home for the summer. My parents were gone to work and my step-sister who I call sis was home with me.

Sis and I just finished breakfast. I couldn't help looking at her she is beautiful. She's blonde and she is tall 5'11' and I'm 6'2'. I would say she is 36B-24-34.

She was wearing cut-offs and a halter top so I could see her tits jiggle as she moved. Nice tanned legs. You get the picture right.

Since I was getting horny I thought I had better leave. So I told her I was going for a bike ride since I like to ride cross country. To make a long story short. I was an hour into my ride and the path I was on had a lot of loose gravel on it. I crashed and went down the hill and my bike came with me. So I had to walk home with my bike. I got home a bloody and hot sweaty mess. So I was going to take a shower. Sis and I share the bathroom it's in the middle of our two bedrooms.

I came into my room and went straight to the bathroom, my door was open so I just walked in. I could not believe my eyes. Sis was there and nude bent over picking up her clothes and showing me a nice butt shot. She heard me, stood up and turned to see me. She was shocked to see me a bloody mess, and I was shocked to see her naked. She stood there in all her glory. Perfect tits, flat belly with the right curve at the hips, and nice trimmed strip that went to her slit. After what seemed like minutes that went by and it was only a few seconds. All I could think of to say was sweet Sis no tan lines. (Dumb huh.)

She looked at me in horror and said what the hell happened to you. I said I slipped on some gravel and crashed down a hill.

She came over to me dropping her undies and said here let me help you out of your things. I was surprised she didn't try to cover up herself. She asked if I was alright as she helped me out of my shirt. Then she leaned down putting her thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and undershorts, and in one swift tug she had them around my ankles with her face right there with my dick. She stopped there looking at it. She came back up still looking at my dick.

She shook her head and said ok let's get you into the shower now. So we went in and she washed my back, down my legs and back up again, being ever so careful of my cuts and bruises I had. Every time she reached for the soap I could feel her hard nipples on my back. This was causing me to get a hard on.

She said to me ok turn around so I did. She started on my shoulders and chest and worked her way down to my ankles again and came up to my dick which was a raging hard on now. Just watching her turned me on so much. Her tanned slick and shining body was almost too much for me.

She had lathered up her hands and then began washing my dick. I thought I was going to cum right there and then but I held back the best I could. She then worked my balls while stroking my dick. I said Sis look out I going to cum. She said alright go for it as she kneeled down in front of me. She said do it, cum on my tits, show me what your made out of hun. I did, I shot the biggest load that I could ever remember all over her tits and neck. I got so weak in my knees she caught me and asked me if I was alright. All I could do was nod my head yes.

She then said ok lets get you dried off and patched up here. So she took care of my wounds and all. By this this time I was getting hard again. She said oh my, already again. She then put her hand around my dick, looked right into my eyes and reached with her other hand and pulled my head down and started to French kiss me.

She then holding my dick lead me into her room and said this looks like it needs fixing again, laughing out loud. So we laid on her bed. We stared to make out playing with each other. I played with her tits while she played with my dick. Then I started to play with her slit with my fingers and she was so wet. I pushed two of my fingers into her and played with her clit with my thumb.

I had her bucking up and down in no time, she came so hard she flooded my fingers with her juices. After she recouped she rolled over to me and thanked me, saying it's so long since she had a good cum like that. This then got me off a second time.

We spent the rest of the day exploring each other and trying new ways of getting each other off. As well as doing a lot of talking and catching up on things in our life.

But that's another story and another time maybe. Thanks Solo Touch you Rock!



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