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This is not a commercial for fleshlights. I saw a reference to the fleshlight on another website, so I looked it up and it looked really interesting. I found a site showing videos of guys using the thing and it about blew my mind. It looked like these guys were having the best time of their lives, so I ordered one. I was like a kid at Christmas waiting for it's arrival. When it finally arrived, I couldn't wait. I unwrapped it, took off my clothes, put on a cock ring, worked up a hard-on, put some liquid lube in the fleshlight, and slipped in my dick. What ecstasy!!! I've never felt anything like it!

Anyway, I was fucking away at it when my next-door neighbor walked in. She asked me what the fuck I was doing. I told her that I was fucking a fleshlight. She said that it looked like a lot of fun and she almost wished she had a dick. With that, she got a towel out of my bathroom, spread it on the couch, plopped her ass down, put her feet on the coffee table, spread her knees apart, and started working on her cunt. I squirted some liquid lube on it for her and she really got it going. She was rubbing her clit with one hand and finger-fucking herself with the other. The sound of her going squish, squish, squish and slurp, slurp, slurp just added to my excitement. I kept fucking away at the fleshlight and, pretty soon, I shot my load. The expressions on my face as I came sent her over the edge and she squirted all over the place. After we both came down, she wiped up her mess off the floor and I washed out the fleshlight. She asked me if I was coming over later and I told her that I wanted to show off my new toy to my jackoff buddy and I might be too worn out to do her any good. With that, she went home.

I couldn't wait to show off my new toy to my jackoff buddy. I picked up my vacuum pump kit and fleshlight and walked over to his trailer. I asked him if he'd run off a load yet and he said that he had been waiting for me. I showed him my new toy and he was less than impressed, so I said that I'd show him how it worked. We both suffer from ed, so we usually use a vacuum pump to work up a hard-on. Since I had just shot a load I would definitely need to use the pump.

We got undressed and played with each others peters for a few minutes, just like always. Then we lay on his bed head to crotch and sucked each others limp dick for a little while. I really enjoy that part of our fun. It feels so good to have your dick in someone else's mouth. It's so soft and wet and warm, and when they suck it and lick it, it really feels good. It also feels good to have someone's dick in your mouth. The head feels so good and it's fun to circle it with your tongue and slip your tongue between the head and the foreskin. After we were both half hard, we got out our vacuum pumps and pumped up nice fat hard-ons, put cock rings on them and started to jerk off. I got out my fleshlight, put some lube in it, and slipped it on his dick. Then I made it go up and down on his dick a few times and you'd have thought he'd died and gone to heaven. He couldn't get over how good it felt. I turned it over to him and he started fucking that fleshlight like there was no tomorrow. I proceeded to jack off while I waited for him to come and, in no time at all, he squirted his jizm into that fleshlight. When he was done, he wanted to keep on fucking it, but I wanted another shot at it. He finally gave it up and I slipped my dick into it. Since I had already shot a load, it took me awhile, but I finally came. It was even better with his jizm in it.

After we came down, he wanted to fuck it again, so I just watched him this time. He went at it again, like a young kid with his first willing cunt. When he was done, I washed it out and was going to go home, but he wanted to keep it. Finally, we went on line and ordered one for him and he was willing to let me take it home. Now he's like a kid at Christmas, all excited about getting his new toy. He can't wait for it to arrive. Needless to say, now my next-door neighbor has a new rival. I don't know if she's unhappy about it, but she came over today and watched me fuck my fleshlight while she played with her cunt. Tomorrow, I'll go over to her trailer and we'll fuck our brains out. It sure is tough being retired.



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