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I'm In The Closet - Part 2 Of 2

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How my best friend and I played around the first time…

“Darcy are you alright. What’s going on in there it’s too quiet?”

The creaking of the stairs. Oh shit.

I am blinded by the light. The closet door closes. Five seconds later. I hear Melody, “Hey Mrs. H, Can Darcie sleepover at my house tonight? We have a lot of science homework to do.”

“That is doubtful Melody. Darcie, where the hell are you?”

“I am in the closet Ma,” I said while I worked on dressing and came out. I decided to give Melody a little show by buttoning the top two buttons of my blouse in front of her thereby exposing my bra to her.

“Darcie you know that your piano recital is in two weeks, remember that you must: practice, practice, practice, so I am going to say no. Remember, if you score well, it will help you get into college.”

“But Ma, I promise I’ll play for two hours tomorrow. How many times can I play Pachelbel's Canon. I am so tired of it. College is years away…Please give me a break.”

“Ok, ok. Melody, are you still running on the cross-country team? Let me talk to your mom.”

“Yes Mrs. H. I am doing well, my long legs give me an definite advantage over the other girls.” Melody unlocks her phone and dials her mom. 

Melody hands her the phone “Hello Julie, is it ok if Darcie stays over tonight? There will be no boys over with Tommy right. I don’t want any chance at funny business happening. Bedtime is to be 9:30. I will have her pack her school clothes and bedclothes. Ok,Ok. This is purportedly for them to do science homework. Very good, I will reciprocate. Gladly, anytime. Bye.”

“Darcie, you may spend the night, but I can not stress to you how fast the teen years will zip by. And all the complications associated with the teen years.  Just like Melody, you must practice anything that you want to be good at in this life. So, pack a bag and I will see you tomorrow after school, alone and ready to practice.”

I hugged her and she left, closing the door behind her. Both of us lit up in a huge smile and hugged. I jammed all my clothes in my backpack and with books in my arm almost ran to her house.

We did our homework at the kitchen table until supper time. There was a tension in my pelvis as I sat across from Tommy. After supper Melody asked Tommy if he could help us with science homework while he was playing a video game. “What’s in it for me?” Melody whispered a long something in his ear. “Yea, I’ll be up in a few. I almost got this level whipped.”

When we got to her room she said, “at bedtime you are going to get a huge surprise.”

“So did you like our practice earlier.” I blushed immediately. “I did.” She replied answering her own question. Let’s go to the bathroom and pick up where we left off.” Melody grasped my hand tightly and practically dragged me into the bathroom closing and latching the privacy lock all in a swift motion. She looked into my eyes and then the light went out. Her lips met mine and in a few seconds her tongue forced its way into my mouth making swirling thrusting motions. Both of her hands were grabbing my breasts hard. I was pressed against the door by her boney pubic mound which was bucking against me repeatedly. My hands went to her hips and then around to her ass. Pulling them into my pussy harder. I was desperate to moan but it was muffled by her mouth. The hands on my breasts started to unbutton my blouse. Three buttons down. And they were playing with my bra. She broke the kiss and stood still. “I fucking love you woman.” We were both breathing hard. “I love everything about you Darcie, how you dress, how you smell, how you feel.” The light came on, blindingly bright, and I blinked to adjust to it. “Come on we have homework to do.” She said while buttoning my blouse. I was going to button up the top two, but she took my hands away. “Leave them like that.” she commanded.

We had our books open and were seated at her desk when Tommy knocked on her doorframe. He wandered in without an invitation and stood directly over my shoulder. I was aware of the fact that his eyes were taking in my cleavage. “So what is this big, hard question that has you girls baffled?”

Melody instantly jumped up, Here have a seat brother.”  Tommy slid in next to me, very close to me. So close that his thigh was touching my thigh. His upper arm pressed against my breast. Melody stood directly behind us. His hand squeezed my knee. “Well, the Earth has 24 time zones so…” the hand was squeezing my thigh and creeping higher and higher. I was totally lost in space, his hand picked up the hem of my skirt and made the same trip up to my soaking panties and paused there. His elbow was pushing on my breast. Melody was our lookout and asked loudly “So you divide 360 by 24 then to get…” The hand shot away; the elbow tucked in. “Just one more hard question Tom. Is It…" “Yes, it is.” “I think we need a second opinion; I think Darcie should verify that for us.” He gripped my hand and moved it between his legs. My heart skipped a bunch of beats, my head spun. I was going to black out.  He moved my hand up and down its length. That thing could never fit inside me, no way. He got up and said, “I would be glad to answer any of your hard questions anytime Darcie.” His waist was right at my face, the obvious bulge mere inches from me.

We recovered by not saying much of anything at all. Exploring these new feelings was draining. We decided to go to bed early. Melody had instructions for me. “When you change in the bathroom tonight, take off your bra and leave it in the bathroom on the counter. And don’t put panties back on.” I did as she ordered. After about a half an hour of chit chat, she decided that it was bed time. She dressed in a white satin gown right in front of me. We pulled the pre-made pallet out from under the bed. I was hot, and just lay on top of all the bedding. The lights went out, but the room had plenty of outside light. “You set that up with Tommy, didn’t you?” “And I suppose that you hated every minute of it.” My fingers were already strumming on my clitoris. “Do you really love me Melody?” I felt her slide out of bed onto the floor next to me. My breath caught again. “As soon as we are sure that my parents are asleep, I will show you a book that I found. Yes, two women can love each other and it has a hundred ways to masturbate to.” 

“Are you going to kiss me again?”

“Do you want me to kiss you again?

“Yes. And touch me like your brother.”

“I read that people like to suck on breasts and nipples.”

“You can try that if you want too, Melody.’

After an hour of explorations, we had fingered each other, used her hairbrush, etc. and I figured that there was no more to do. Neither of us knew what an orgasm was nor were we skilled enough at our play to evoke one. We heard snoring from her parent’s room right across the hall. Melody got her phone and used the flashlight. She dug a copy of “My Secret Garden” by Nancy Friday, out from between her mattresses. Almost every single page was a hot story about people fucking and the many different masturbation methods and using different objects…We wore each other out. We slept on the floor naked on the pallet. When the 5:30 knock on the door wasn’t answered. Melody’s mom came in and gently kicked us. “Time to get ready for school kids. Oh, so that is where my book went.”  “Darcie, you left your bra in the bathroom. Don’t do that again.”

There was a white crusty spot in the left cup. I wore it to school. I knew I would see him in the hallway. I cupped my left breast as he passed. He smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. 




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