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First Time With My Cousin

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This story is from awhile back. I was 14 at the time, and had recently started masturbating. My cousin and I were very close, together a lot growing up. This event happened at his birthday party. He had just turned 14 and had a few people over. We hung out, had food, he opened gifts, nothing out of the ordinary, little did I know that was about to change.

It was late night now, probably around midnight. Everyone had left, I wanted to stay the night. We often stayed over at each others houses. We were in the basement. He was watching tv and I was looking through a box of his comic books. To my surprise, a playboy was at the bottom. I took it out and looked at him, 'uuuuuuuuhh?' I exclaimed. He looked over and laughed, 'yea I use that a lot' he said, I began flipping through it. I had seen some nudity on tv, but mostly just in my imagination. Seeing page after page of naked girls was making me hot, it had been awhile since I masturbated last, and was starting to feel really horny. My cousin had moved down on the floor by me and was looking at it with me. 'What do you mean you use it?' I asked jokingly. 'Do you jack off?' he asked. This caught me by surprise, I hesitated at first and replied yes. 'Cool', he said, 'So do I. This helps me a lot'.

I laughed. 'Well I just might need this later' I said. 'Why later?' he asked. 'Might need a release before bed' I said jokingly. 'Why not do it now?' he asked. I couldn't tell if he was joking, he sounded dead serious. I just kinda laughed, I wasn't sure what to say. 'C'mon' he said, 'it could be fun'. 'What could?' I asked. 'I don't know', he said, 'you wanna get naked?'. 'haha', I said, 'I dare you'. Just then he pulled off his shirt and shorts, now wearing just his undies. 'I'll show you mine if you do too' he said. I felt a little weird but agreed. He pulled off his undies, and was now naked. For the first time ever I was seeing another boys penis. It looked long, and thin, a little longer then mine. He had started getting a little hair. 'You wanna touch it?' he asked. I don't know why but this was turning me on so I did. I placed my hand on his dick, it felt warm, and very soft like velvet. I began running me fingers along it and it began to rise, he was getting hard. 'You wanna make me shoot?' he asked. I figured why not we had gone this far. I enclosed my hand around his fully erect cock, and began stroking it. I tried to do how I did mine, and he closed his eyes so I guess he was ejoying it. I kept moving my hand, his breathing got heavy and I went faster. 'I'm gonna cum' he said. My eyes were locked. A few more strokes of my hand and out came a load of thick cum. It felt hot as it ran down my hand and dripped on to the floor. I played with it a minute. It was much thicker than mine, very creamy. 'Your turn' he said. I was hesitant, 'I don't know' I said. 'Oh c'mon I see that bulge'. Just then he pulled down my pants and undies and my rock hard dick came springing out. I was nervous, I had never been exposed in front of anyone before. 'Nice one', he said. In no time his hand was on me, and he began jerking me. I had never felt someone elses hand on my dick before. I remember it felt wonderful. His hand was warm, and soft for a boy. It felt so good it didn't take long. The first shot went clear on to his chest. I moaned as a few more went on his hand. 'What a load' he said.

We cleaned up and slept on the floor. We jacked each other two more times that night. I have since moved, but will always remember that time.



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