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Do We Have Sperm Yet?

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Bo and I were in the same class from first grade up until eighth grade. We went to school in a small suburban Catholic school with only 20 kids per grade, about 12 of which were boys. We weren't best friends, but were pretty close and hung out together and played on the basketball team together. Toward the end of my fifth grade year, I started noticing my classmates dicks while peeing in the urinals at school. By the start of my sixth grade year, I had seen all but Bo. He always seemed to get real close to the urinal and not allow anyone to see him. I thought he was the cutest of the bunch, so I was a bit disappointed at my lack of success. I saw him in his underwear everyday at basketball practice, but never got any closer than that to seeing the magic areas. Bo was the shortest on the team, only 4'10' and about 85 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes and looked like he had not hit puberty yet. As the season got further along, we started to grow closer.

One day we had a seminar in health class where they began teaching us about sex-ed and developing bodies and so on. Towards the end, Bo leaned over to me and asked, 'Do we have sperm yet?' I looked at him and smiled and was about to answer when the teacher asked us if we were paying attention. We dropped the question and went back to the discussion with the rest of the class. Later, seeing a chance for exploration, I asked Bo to spend the weekend. He called me that night and said he was allowed and we could leave Friday's practice together and go to my house.

We went to bed around eleven and talked a little before deciding to settle in. He was on the floor in a sleeping bag and I was in my twin bed. I wanted badly to sleep naked, but did not want to scare him off or chance my mom walking in and catching me that way. After about 10 minutes of silence, I whispered to him if he was still awake. He said yes and we started talking about a girl, 11, who I had touched and had felt me. Bo hopped onto the bed and we talked more and more about what the two of us did and how it felt. I became aroused and I could tell he was getting a boner too, though it seemed to be a bit small through his grey boxers. I was about to reach over and touch him when we heard my mom cough from the next room. He jumped back to the sleeping bag and we both pretended to be asleep as she poked her head in the door and then left, seeing us both asleep. We were quiet the rest of the night.

The next day we were up early, around 8:00am and had to get changed to go out to the beach. We decided to undress in the bedroom rather than use the bathroom. I took my shirt off and Bo followed. He was on the other side of the room from me, but was looking in my direction. I pulled my shorts down, leaving only my underwear. He did the same, giving me another look at his grey shorts. 'Do you want me to turn around,' he asked shyly. I shook my head NO and pulled my underwear to the floor and allowed Bo to look. He stared at my dick, which began to harden. Bo stood that way for at least 10 seconds before he realized I was waiting for him. He dropped his underwear and it was my turn to stare. Not a whisp of hair on his soft, skinny two-and-a-half inches. He began to harden to a full three inches. Mine pulsed out at seven inches and he was completely amazed. 'I never answered your question from yesterday,' I said, 'About sperm.' He shook his head-NO. 'Well sit back and I will show you what it looks like.' Bo came over to the bed and at down next to me as he watched me grab my cock and stroke off in front of him. It took only about a minute before I stood up and said, 'This is sperm!' I pointed my woody at him and spurted three small ropes of cum on his chest legs and erected penis. He smiled and looked at it. 'Thanks' was all he said. He didn't want to do it to himself and wouldn't let me do it to him either, but all weekend long, we dressed and undressed in front of each other. He watched me jack-off twice more and even touched my erection once during my jack-off sessions. Bo was cool being naked with me. I just wish he would have joined in.



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