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Visiting Neighbours

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I went years without talking about this story to anyone, if not blocking the whole event out of my mind. It must have been some where between ashamed and embarassed. It was really my only encounter with another man, and as I was raised with not respecting 'people who are different', I had a hard time thinking about it or ever mentioning it.

It wasn't until I met a women who made me incredibly confortable with myself that I could confide in her the event in my past, at which time, I realized that it wasn't wrong at all.

I was young, about 12 or 13 and had just hit puberty. There was a boy, about 11 or 12, who stayed with his grandmother every once and awhile down the street. We had spent time together, laughed and played video games. One day we were in the back yard, and we joked about showing each other our body parts. We were both so scared to do it, but very much so wanted to see the other's. Finally, I pulled my pants down, and he did. I was uncut while he had no foreskin.

We went back into the house, and played a baseball video game. We were joking about how easy it was to score home runs in the game, and that if I did it properly, he'd never really get to play again. He said, 'Well fine, you play the game, and everytime you score a home run, I'll pull on you.' I was excited at the thought, but a little scared.

We went on playing, and I kept getting home runs, and so he began to touch me. He seemed particularly interested in the foreskin, having none himself. Then he started to pull on me.

After a few tugs, he completely lost track of the game, and concentrated on pulling on me. It was like he was playing a video game of his own. He stopped here and there just to play with the foreskin, moving it around, pinching it, then rubbing his finger on the inside of it. He noticed me squirm everytime he did it. That's probably why he kept doing it.

After a little while, I felt like I was going to have my orgasm. I told him that, half expecting him to stop, but he masturbated me harder. After I had finished, he looked down, and saw a very small amount of liquid. I could see the suprise in his face. I wanted to touch him, but he had to go home, and shortly after that, his grandmother moved.

Thanks, Beautiful



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