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Enjoying Nature in More Ways Than One

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Two naked women.  One cold night.  


It was so cold.  Why did I ever agree to come on this camping trip?  I had never been camping before, and I thought that it might be fun.  But the unexpected cold front that dropped the temperatures into the upper 40's changed things.  Granted, I know that's not that cold.  Unless you're camping.  Or from a southern state.  Or unprepared for it.   I was all three.

My friend Lauren had convinced me to go.  Lauren is adventurous and outdoorsy.  But even she was cold.  It was just the two of us, in a state park about 2 hours from home.  We could have packed up to go home, but it was already very late.  We decided to stay the night, make the best of it, and then reassess in the morning.   We built a fire, but realized that would not help us out too much in our tent.   

As the darkness set in, we decided to try our sleeping bags in the tent for warmth.  It didn't help, so I suggested that we huddle together in our sleeping bags.  We zipped them together to make a giant sleeping bag, and we both got in it.  But we both still felt so cold.  As we laid there trying to cling to whatever warmth we could find, Lauren said "I hear that in survival schools they say that if you're in a situation like this where you can't get warm, to huddle together naked.  It's the best way to share body heat."   I was so cold that I wasn't thinking, but I said "right now, I think I would try anything."   Lauren said "ok" and started taking off her pants and shirt.   I kinda felt then that I had to go along with it.

Lauren was in her bra and panties as I started taking off my shirt and pants.  I was wondering if she decided to stop there or if she was really serious about going all the way naked.  Just then, she unclasped her bra, her large 34C breast spilling out.  She then slipped her panties off and shoved all of her clothes down to the foot of the sleeping bag.  I was just in my bra and panties.  She said "are you gonna stop or are you gonna keep me warm?"  We both giggled and I slipped off my underwear.   

We cuddled in the sleeping bag.  It was weird, even without the extra layers of clothes, we were warmer.  We started talking about how strange that was, and how unexpected it was to be naked with each other.   I realized that her large, grapefruit-sized breasts felt so wonderful touching mine.  I said something like "your breasts really feel good next to mine" and then she said "I was thinking the same thing."  A silent moment passed, and then I heard Lauren say "I'm wet."  

I was shocked.  I hadn't expected this.  I wasn't even sure how I felt or what I wanted to do about this. And then I realized that I was wet too.   "Me too", I said.   I still wasn't sure what to do when she kissed me.   She grabbed my ass (which felt so wonderful) and pulled me close to her.   She started making out with me and then to my surprise, she didn't touch me, she put her fingers inside herself.  She started masturbating right in front of me.   I was in a mix of shock and pleasure.  I was so turned on to see her masturbating, but I realized that there was a part of me that almost had expected her to finger fuck me.    

I watched her masturbate for a little bit, but then I had to touch myself.  I was rubbing my clit and pushing a finger in and out of myself.   I think we were both so turned on, and our moans started pushing each other toward climax.   She orgasmed first.  A silent, eye-rolling orgasm.  I watched her spasm as she came.  As she finished, I felt free to let mine come.  My body sharply convulsed as the orgasm hit me, and I let out a guttural moan as each successive wave hit me.   After I finished coming, Lauren pulled me close and we cuddled some more.   We were definitely warmer now.  

We fell asleep in our post-orgasmic bliss.  The next morning came and I found myself waking up, still naked, wrapped in the embrace of another naked woman.  



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