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Use Me, Use Me!

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This was about eight years ago...


This story has a long intro, so I'll make it short for this site.

My best friend and our husbands ended up 'swinging' together, several times years ago. It was lots of fun, but her and I were always afraid to make a first move, and touch each other. We both wanted to, very badly, though. It was just too awkward.

So one night, we had a girl's night, just the two of us. It was a nice night, so we ended up putting a blanket in the yard, so the kids wouldn't hear us. We weren't drinking, just talking all night. We got to talking about our husbands and the 'fun' we'd been having, and how they kept telling us they wanted us to put on a girl/girl show for them.

So after talking for a while, we agreed that we'd need to 'practice' together, first. We sat on that blanket for the longest time, not knowing HOW to 'get started' with our practice. We still felt too awkward and shy. Finally, she said 'so are we gonna do this or not?' That was all I needed.

We giggled and awkwardly took off our clothes and sat there, wondering what to do next. I finally told her to lay down before I changed my mind. I was shaking with excitement and nervousness.

She layed down on the blanket, and I started with her breasts. Feeling them, kneading them, pulling her nipples a little bit....then I got bold and began sucking them. She breathed heavier and heavier instantly.

As my hands wandered down her belly, I kept sucking her nipples and flicking them with my tongue. Then my hand met her pubic hair. And I proceeded downwards where her body felt warmer and warmer, till I made it to her slit.

This was it. The first time I'd ever touched another woman's pussy. I gently parted her lips and slid my fingers slowly up and down. She was already really really wet. I could smell her long ago, actually.

I slowly stroked up and down her pussy, stopping at the top, to circle her clit a few times. With my other hand, I finally decided to 'go in'.

I slowly felt down her slit, till I could feel her opening, and slowly pushed my middle finger in. She let out a gasp, and her whole body raised up a little and her legs naturally spread so wide, I could see everything right in front of my face, in the moonlight.

I slowly fingered her, twisting my fingers as they went in and out of her pussy, while gently rubbing her clit with the other hand.

When I heard her breathing get heavier and faster, and a few moans escape her lips, I fingered her faster....and faster, till she was panting heavily, her back arched, and with each breath, came a yelping moan. I felt a flood of her juices warm my fingers, which were still inside of her. I keept stroking and fingering her till she calmed down, then I stopped when I thought she might be too sensitive.

After a little, she sat up and we giggled some more, and joked about 'how are we going to face each other tomorrow?'. I said, I don't know, but it's your turn, lady! Now!!

She got serious and got straight to work on me. I layed down and awaited the touch of my first woman. My whole body was shaking now, with nervousness and anticipation. I was so wet, you could hear the sloshing from my pussy when I moved.

She started on my breasts, just as I had done to her. I'm not actually much turned on by my breasts, so I couldn't wait till she moved to my pussy. And before long, she did.

That first touch of my slit, and looking down to see her naked silouhette in the moonlight, with her hair hanging over me, as she looked down at my pussy, was breath taking. Her fingers were so thin, compared to my husband. Her hands so soft and delicate. And her touch...amazing. She worked my pussy just like I had done hers.

I wanted to cum so badly, but I didn't want it to be over! I breathed out 'it feels so good, I don't want to let go!' She just giggled a little, and kept working on me. Twisting her fingers in and out slowly, smearing my juices up on my clit and rubbing it in small gentle circles....it was almost passionate.

Finally, I had to let go. I came hard. And I breathed hard, trying not to wake anyone inside the house.

I layed there after, for a few minutes, and she layed next to me. We giggled again for a bit, then we got dressed, with more awkward giggling, as we tried to find our clothes on the grass in the moonlight.

After she left, I went inside, and told my sleeping husband to wake up, and told him the whole story, in great detail. He was very excited!

So the next time we ALL got together for some extra-marital fun, her and I had a well rehearsed show to give the guys. We repeated our episode from the other night, while the guys sat on the couch, stroking their dicks as they watched us on the floor. And then much more fun was had for hours longer, after that....

This all went on for about a year and a half. But then we kind of drifted a little and stopped. We're still friends, and nothing got weird, which is good! I'll have to initiate a long overdue get together with them soon and surprise my husband!

That was the first girl I was with...there's one more....another story.



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