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Emily The Uber Driver Part1

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Emily is the Uber driver Kris and Bethany has mentioned in their stories a few times. 

On Friday Kris and Bethany picked me up and we spent the day together and ended up at their house that evening drinking wine and taking a few hits off the bong. Needless to say none of us needed to drive so Kris contacted Emily and she was working. We had her pick me up and take me back to the condo. 



Now between drinking and smoking I was EXTREMELY horny (weed does that too me). I'm not sure how the conversation started but Emily and I got around to talking about what I was going to do the rest of the evening (masturbate until my fingertips were raw lol).



She mentioned she wished she didn't have to work because that sounded like a good idea to which I told her she was more than welcome to join me if she wanted. 



She said she already had promised some other people she would pick them up or she would. 



So she dropped me off, I take a shower and put on a sexy red teddy and head out to the balcony to enjoy my night of masturbation. 



 About 30 minutes later I get a text from her asking if I'm having fun to which I reply with a picture of me in my teddy and then a picture of my fingers on my clit. 



I then tell her she should really join us sometime when we go out. 



"Do you have any plans for tomorrow night?" was the next text she sent me. 



"Not yet,I respond. "What do you have in mind?"



"Well, if you all want I have a friend who will drive us around if you'd like to go out together."



Of course I jumped at the offer and we set things up. 



Saturday evening Emily and her friend pick me up first and then we pick up Kris and Bethany. We go out to dinner, have a few drinks and then decide to hit some clubs and dance. 



About an hour later Emily and I are dancing and she says, "You aren't wearing any underwear are you?"



"Nope," was my response.



"I wish I hadn't worn any," was her response.



I took her by the hand and led her to the restroom and into a stall. Once in the stall I lean in and kiss her, drop to my knees, run my hands up her dress and remove her underwear. 



"Oh my your soaked" I say holding her panties



"I've been soaked since you sent me those pictures last night" she shakily replied. 



"Well I'll have to see if I can't take care of that for you later" I say as I bring them to my face and inhale her earthly scent before stashing them in the pocket of my skirt .



"Now that I can't wait for" she says as she pulls me towards her and kisses me again. 



We exit the restroom hand in hand. As we are approaching our table Kris and Bethany are about to sit down too. I motion for Bethany to sit next to Emily and I sit across from her next to Kris. 



We each order another drink and I slip my right shoe off. I take my foot and run it up between Emily's legs and use my toes to tease her clit. 



Kris immediately notices the look on Emily's face, looks at me and says "what are you doing to her under the table" as she laughs



"What makes you think I'm doing anything to her under the table" I laughingly respond



"I know that look on her face all too well" Kris says



I reach in my pocket, pull out Emily's panties and lay them in Kris's lap. 



"What the hell" she says looking at Emily,  "we've had sex in the back of your car, masturbated in the back of your car and who knows what else but you're with her for 2 hours and she's already got your panties off"



"Well, neither one of you ever took me in a bathroom stall and took them off of me" she snarks back



"You mean you would have let us" Bethany asks



"I would have let either one or both of you do whatever you wanted" she answered. 



"I have a question" Kris asks "have you ever had to stop and masturbate before you got home after you dropped us off"



"Hell I've masturbated while your in the car" she laughs. "I've cum in the parking garage at the condo so many times it isn't funny and at the produce store up the road from your house too"



"We have always wondered about that" Bethany says "I know we've put you through hell"



"And then some" Emily responds "I've wanted to stop the car and join in so many times it isn't funny but I didn't want to take the chance of ruining our friendship"



"Well from now on you know you're more than welcome to join in anytime you want" I say while laughing. 



"Well I'm sure you won't mind if I do this" Kris says as she picks up the underwear in her fist and brings it to her face to inhale. "Oh how dreamy, and they're soaked too"



Bethany reached her hand out and takes them next, bringing them to her nose. 



"Well shit, that isn't fair" Emily remarks "You all are passing around my undies but I don't see any of you giving me yours"



"That's because like me they don't have any on" I say



"Well fuck" she laughs



Bethany reaches up, takes Emily's hand and guides it under the table and up her skirt. Emily then brings her fingers to her nose and then to her mouth and sucks them dry. 



Bethany then does the same to Emily. 



"Now that's what's not fair" Kris says as we all break out laughing



"It's a shame you're not the Uber driver tonight" Kris remarks "we could all go out to the van and get a sample straight from the source"



"Why do you think I handpicked our driver tonight" Emily said "James is cool with anything we throw at him plus he's gay so we don't have to worry about him trying anything funny"



"Hell, I'm gay and I dont think I could stand to watch 4 men playing with each other without wanting to join in" Kris says as we all laugh



As we sit there talking I feel a foot running up the inside of my leg. It soon finds itself at the edge of my natural spring. I look over at Emily, she is smiling at me and then sticks her tongue out as to say two can play this game. 



We finish our drinks and decide to go dance some more. Thinks are heating up and getting pretty risqué, there is a lot of touching, kissing and groping going on. 



Taking Emily by the hand Kristine asks her "would you like to go to the restroom with me" and off they go



"I bet they're going to be doing more than peeing in that stall" Bethany teases



"Oh I guarantee it" I respond



When the song ends we go back to the table and order another round of drinks. Kris and Emily join us shortly after. 



"Uh huh, what were you two doing in the bathroom, it doesn't take that long to pee" I teasingly ask with a laugh



"We were just talking" Emily responds with a smile



"Sure you were" Bethany jokingly responds "it's hard to talk when you're sucking face or your face is buried between someone's thighs"



"Honestly" Kris says "we were just talking, actually I was giving her some inside info about Jess here"



"Well that kinda scares me" I say and we all laugh. 



"What do you girls think about going to this infamous balcony overlooking the ocean I've heard so much about" Emily asks



"Actually it's getting late, I think Bethany and I will take a raincheck" Kris says "this way you and Jess can get to know each other a little better"



Emily texts James to let him know we're ready to go when he gets a chance.  He responds back he would be there in about 20 minutes so we finish our drinks and walk out to wait on him. 



Once we drop them off and get back to the condo Emily and I walk out on the balcony. 



"No wonder there's been so much sex and masturbation on this balcony" Emily says,  "the moon bouncing off the ocean and the sound of the waves hitting the beach is so relaxing. It's like it's inviting you to get naked and have some fun"



As I spin her around and start kissing her I ask "you mean like this"





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