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Dani's panties

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On they’re own, nothing much….but oh…the secrets within.

A small pale pink thong. Not even a ‘sexy’ one really…..more like a pair of ordinary pink bikini panties cut down. These were not designed to be ‘sexy’ per se, more like a girl’s transition from ordinary  panties to something more sexual - more ‘naughty.’

And there, in the crotch, those stains. Staining that spoke of a day’s vaginal secretions, and they in themselves told  a story. 

In much the same way as a geologist could look at a core sample and tell you that 500 years ago there had been a flood, and 1000 years ago there had been  volcanic eruption, so Dani’s panties told a story. The dried white periphery spoke of simple, daily wetness that we all get. Upon that were layers of heavier discharge, speaking of…of what….horniness as the day progressed? Perhaps, and I’ve noticed this, the discharge that comes to a girl after masturbation. We leak….and it’s different. Post-cum discharge is somehow sweeter…lighter.

All this looking was doing me no good at all. I could no longer resist the urge to inhale her. And so I brought them to my face. For a moment, I held my breath, then I breathed out into the material, allowing the moisture on my breath to revitalise her scents. My sense of smell is acute. I can sense smell like layers of an onion, and Dani didn’t  disappoint. There was a slight sharpness at first which quickly yielded to an overwhelming sweetness of sexual musk. There was definitely girl cum here….oh yes….there was that. Pee? Of course, but why should that not be erotic? I know Dani, like all women risk peeing when they cum….some, like me, have embraced it, while other girls, having experienced it involuntarily have been so shocked by it, they have fought shy of having orgasms in the future. Dani is, I know, an emergent panty pisser. I encouraged her once, and she trusted me and followed my instructions, but I know she’s done it several times since. 

But, like L’aire du Tante, not today! Just the faintest sting of pee hovering at the periphery of her scents. Sometimes, I have held her panties to my face and masturbated into my own. Sometimes, I have, at the last moment held her panties against my vulva and cum onto Dani’s cum stains, but again….not today.

Today, Miss Brain planted an irresistible desire….something I simply had to do. I slipped my own panties off and dropped them in Dani’s laundry hamper. Then slowly, painfully slowly, I pulled her pink thong up my legs, anticipating what was to come yet delaying it to the last possible second. Finally, the crotch of her thong touched my vulva, and I swooned with pleasure. For a moment, the world seemed to swim around me. The back of it began to nestle between the cheeks of my bum and the thong settled firmly against my sex. 

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, except Miss Brain tapping me on the shoulder from time to time and reminding me that I was wearing her panties, and that my wetness was merging with hers! Oh, what unspeakable delight! 

The whole day felt like one continuous build up to orgasm. When finally I stood in my den, left hand supporting me on my desk and right hand masturbating furiously through Dani’s thong, I knew the orgasm would be gut-wrenching - and so it was. I felt myself wet….squirt? Pee? Oh really, who cares? My head was thrown back and my jaw ached from holding that perfect ‘O’ that comes from, well…a good cum. 

I don’t think I peed - at least, if I did, it wasn’t on purpose and it wasn’t much. So….I went one stage further and sat on the downstairs lavatory, still wearing her thong. The scents that came up to me were mixed….my own…hers…in a delicious amalgam of sex. I knew I had to cum again, and I knew I had to do it ‘dirtily.’ 

You know what came next, but you have no idea how slowly, how exquisitely slowly I did it. By the time my fingers again touched the sodden material, I was almost at the point anyway.

I took the thong off and reluctantly rinsed it out…not too much though. Then I placed it on our hamper. When Dani does the laundry, she will find her thong, soaked through, in our hamper, and my panties in hers. She can do the math herself. 

Something may come of it. 



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