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Cousin Love Part Twelve

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The continued story of love, incest, and cheating by my ex-wife's cousin and I



We got together again three more times the next month, both longing for each other more and more. It was getting worse now, where as before we could go weeks, even months, without seeing each other. Now we could hardly go a week. It was bad, the feelings that we had. It was going to be trouble and we knew it. We were going to get caught, we had a feeling. Something was going to happen if we werenít careful. We had to be so much more inconspicuous in our meetings. We still had her girlfriends place, it was the best place to get together. No one would or could ever put us together there, no one except her girlfriend, and she would never say anything. Because she was having her own affair with her cousin. That had been going on for years also. They both knew about each other and would never rat each other out no matter what. They were sworn to secrecy.

We met that next week as usual but she was late for the meeting, almost half an hour, I was worried and was almost ready to leave when she showed up. I saw the urgency and concern in her face, she had a look that something was wrong. When she got out of her car, she ran over to me grabbed me and blurted out, ďI almost got caught by your wife today.Ē I was shocked, what the fuck happened? I wanted to know the whole story. What a story it wasÖ.

She proceeded to tell me that she was getting ready to leave her apartment when her cousin pulled up, saw her dressed and wanted to know where she was going. She stammered for an answer and her cousin said, ďI know that you are not going to meet Sam, are you? You are having an affair behind his back, arenít you? What the fuck are you doing to Sam. Who are you seeing.Ē She stammered for a while, just standing there not answering her as her cousin kept hammering her with the same questions repeatedly, never stopping, never giving up. It was more than she could take, it was more than her mind could comprehend so early in the morning. Especially since she was coming to meet me, she didnít know what do or say. She certainly didnít want to implicate either of us, no way that was going to happen. She had to think quickly and she did. She knew that she had to answer her cousin. She would never give up until she got an answer. An answer that would satisfy her, not just some answer out of the blue.

She finally said, ďYes, I am going to meet someone and yes, I am having an affair, Sam doesnít satisfy me.Ē
Then she put the question back on her cousin, "Does your husband satisfy you all the time? Do you satisfy your husband all the time? Go ahead answer that question. Sam is a good guy, but he lacks the sexual drive that I need. I have found someone that can give me what I need, when I need it, when I want it. There is nothing wrong with that. You should try it, maybe you would like it. Or do you just have sex to satisfy your wifely duties, like a good Catholic wife and like your mother? Well go ahead, answer that question, miss goody two shoes. You have always been that way, a prude when it came to sex, even when we were kids. Donít you remember all those summers? Well, donít you? What did you think was going on on nature walks? While you were being a good girl I was having fun, enjoying the finer things in life, learning about sex, and fucking, not just fucking one person." That remark wasnít true, she just added that to throw her off. She didnít want her to know that I was her first and only all this time. Not even Sam was fucking her, she wouldnít have it. He repulsed her so badly.

"Shocking, isnít it, to know that when I get married I wonít be a virgin like you were. But does that make you any better, any better of a wife or a lover. The question is, do you satisfy or just perform? Thatís what I want to know from you. You canít answer, can you, I know you canít. You never could. Not with your upbringing. You need to get out and learn about sex and its finer points, its good feelings. Not just sex for sex sake like the rest of your family."

Well, you would think that the world was coming to an end after that statement. Her cousin went wild, "What the fuck are you talking about, I would never cheat on my husband and he would never cheat on me. We are happily married. I give him just what he needs to keep him happy and satisfied, my mother told me what to do." Well that statement nearly drove her cousin to hysterical laughter in her face. Little did she know that she was having the affair with her husband for the past fifteen years. Since before they were married and after they were married and that I was waiting for her as they were speaking.

Little did she know that she knew all the details of the marriage and knew just how much information her mother had given her cousin to satisfy the needs of the husband and that was that. Just enough for sexual reproduction, nothing more; no sexual pleasure at all. She told her cousin go find out what sex was really all about. Not just lying there and allowing your husband to satisfy himself so that you donít have to do anything for him. She was giving it to her cousin and her cousin couldnít take the truth. She knew that what she was saying was true, but she didnít want to admit it to her cousin. She didnít satisfy her husband, she only laid there so he could cum and get it over with. She didnít want sex at all, she didnít want to make love for the sake of making love. She was a prude, a selfish prude like her mother. No sex for fun at all. It is dirty. Thatís what she was told all those years and thatís what she believed and would never change her mind. She would never let her body enjoy itself, nor would she ever touch her husbandís cock to pleasure him or let him eat her pussy, never. That was taboo. No man should ever do that to a woman, that was really degrading.
Little did my wife know that her cousin was being eaten, sucked and fucked every way possible by her husband and they loved to make love together, not just have sex with each other. Little did she know that her cousin was sucking on her husbandís cock; licking it before, during, and after he had his cock in her pussy. Little did she know that they licked each otherís cum off their bodies, sucked their juices; and that her husband had drank her cousinís juices as she squirted them out of her vagina as he stuck his finger in her pussy and ate her while fingering her ass.


Oh, how she was feeling all that mentally as she was talking to her cousin. Her body was getting so turned on thinking those thoughts, acts, and deeds. Her pussy was getting wetter by the minute She could feel the wetness and cum filling her pussy, it was wetting her panties. She could feel the warmth of her juices flowing slowly out of her. She only hoped that her cousin didnít see the spot if there was one. That would be uncomfortable and hard to explain, really hard to explain.

She finally was able to leave and come to me. That is where we are now, alone at her girlfriendís place. She feels bad that she said those things to her cousin, my wife, but she deserved them. She didnít know what it was like to make a man happy, not at all. All those years of going out with me before we were married I would go home with blue balls, jerk off thinking about her cousin or someone else. What a shame. Never being allowed to touch, play, or anything. It had to be saved for marriage, that is what she was taught and told. It was drummed into her head in Catholic school. Sex before marriage is a mortal sin and you will go to Hell if you do it. Well, there were a lot of people doing it and they were having fun, but not her. She was a prude holy girl went to Mass and confession every week like clockwork. Well this was the real world now and I was fucking her cousin and enjoying every minute of it, both of us were.

We went inside had a drink to calm down, then another to really calm down. She was visibly upset over the entire ordeal. It was my job to calm her in any way possible. I held her tight, stroked her head and neck, rubbed her arms and legs. She finally started to calm down, her pussy was still wet from the description that she had given her cousin of the love making that had gone on with her imaginary friend. It was so wet that her panties showed the spot. It was clearly visible through her blue shorts. I could plainly see it, and so could she. I didnít have to point it out to her, she took my hand and placed it on her crotch. I could feel the warmth of the wetness. She opened her legs a little so as to let me have access to her pussy. I slid my finger under her shorts and behind her panties. My finger found the spot, it was looking for the wet spot of her vagina as it slowly entered her pussy. Playing with her clit, I could feel it getting harder and harder as she came more. The cum was starting to ooze out of her pussy now, making her panties even more wet as her cum juices filled the opening of her pussy and vagina. I could smell her smell. The wonderful smell of sex juices flowing from her pussy as I played with her. She unbuttoned her blouse and let me have a look at her bare chest, no bra today, those big beautiful tits sticking out from under that blouse, those stiff hard brown nipples looking at me. How could I resist them as I moved my head towards them to lick and suck on them. First one then the other, one at a time slowly sucking and licking, sucking and licking, alternating back and forth between them. When I wasnít sucking on one I was playing with it with my fingers, she loved this feeling. She was cumming more now I could feel it.

I kept up the playing with her pussy, not stopping as she arched he ass up tight against my finger. As she did this I could feel her clit, she was pushing it tight against my fingers. She was in control. She liked to be in control of her cumming, it made her feel good. It made most women feel good to be in control sometimes when they wanted to cum. Most women did this when they were on top of the men riding their cocks. Now that felt good, that felt good to me, imagine how it felt to her. But getting back to this, now she was moving faster and faster, she was ready to cum and she did, all over everything. All over herself, her panties, her shorts, my hand. I didnít care if she came, it was fine with me. She didnít stop, it flowed like a river after a rain storm. She came all over everything that we had on. We were soaked in cum, that was not good. She didnít have to worry about clothes, but I did. I didnít have anything to wear home. I was screwed, literally.

She got up and apologized for what she had done to me and my clothes. She was appalled at her behavior. I told her not to worry, that we would figure something out. She said okay, we can do something, I am sure you will think of something. I got undressed and put on a bathing suit while she did the same, one of her bikini types. Boy did she look fucking beautiful. Beautiful and gorgeous enough to eat right there and now. But there were other things to do first. We had to wash clothes so that they would dry and I would be able to wear them to go home later. That was first and she took care of that. She felt better about telling my wife, her cousin, everything she did; about her sex life and the lack of. She knew that her cousin would not do anything to change it, she would not change old habits, nor would she make my life any better. She knew that we would always be lovers, even after she got married. She knew that in her heart.

The clothes were washed and clean, dried and ready so that when I had to leave I could, I really didnít want to leave that day. I wanted so bad to stay the night with her, sleep in the bed next to her and wake up next to her in the morning. I wanted that so bad and I knew that she wanted it also. Now all I had to do was come up with a plan to make it work, that was going to be my next big hurdle.



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