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Watching Angela and Christine (1)

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Since the last time I wrote Angela and Christine had begun to meet more frequently for mutual pleasure, two weeks being too long to wait for something so exhilarating and fulfilling in their lives. For about two years I had been more than satisfied to have Christine, my wife, tell me everything they do and to watch videos of them as we masturbate. Then the day came when they asked me to join them. They wanted me to be there to watch and turn them on even more. I just hoped they would not be inhibited in any way but was soon to be reassured. They met at least once a week for two to three hours.

We all liked the lights to be lower than they had previously been for videoing and I able to watch them most of the time they were together. They were naked except when I saw them undressing each other or sometimes they wore something special to act out a fantasy. Their smooth-shaven bodies were of medium build and stunning for their ages. Each vulva was well formed with Christine having rather thicker outer labia and Angela having a slightly more protruding clitoris with its head just visible. Christine, my wife, was 57 with white skin and our close friend, Angela, was 45 years old with cream coloured skin and more tan. Both had dyed hair and makeup.

They masturbate themselves or each other either taking turns or simultaneously in all sorts of positions. They also love to hump thighs, bottoms and vulvas and often engage in tribbing. They both have the most amazing multiple orgasms. Sometimes I masturbate while watching them having sex together. At other times Christine relieves me as we watch Angela on her own.

She knows so well what I like after thirty years of mutual masturbation. It is hard to describe the initial sensation as her finger tip and thumb lightly slide the foreskin back and forth over my swollen glans, slowly at first then faster, or she is rubbing it rhythmically with two straightened fingers and her thumb. Then her slim forefinger and thumb circle my corona and work the foreskin up and down at rhythms she had practiced to perfection, occasionally changing hands. She sometimes uses lube to stroke my corona with foreskin pulled back. When facing me she can also hold my penis in ways I cannot do.

Seconds before I ejaculate she grips my penis in her fist, rubs it in short bursts of speed, until after a given pause, I shoot my load then it is split-second rub, pause, shoot, over and over about ten times, milking it for as long as it throbs. Sometimes, as I ejaculate, she slides a finger in to feel and stroke my sphincter muscles as they contract tightly in spasm. Rhythm is so important to me and I have learned a lot about this from reading stories by other people.

One of the first times I watched Angela she was on her stomach with both hands visibly working between her legs. Her whole body was undulating, her firm round bottom rising and falling, the cheeks squeezing together as her fingers pressed deeper within her vagina.

Her gorgeous bottom became alive. It is round and muscular and her buttocks moved in a tantalizing way as they brought her clitoris and vagina into rhythmic contact with hands and fingers between her quivering thighs. As I watched I could see the muscles in her thrusting buttocks clench tight the cleft between. Angela was gasping louder and louder as, with her bottom rising higher, her thrusting increased in both speed and intensity until, after a brief sudden stop, her first beautiful orgasm exploded in spasm throughout her glistening body and stretched out legs.

She then turned on to her back with bottom supported and Christine knelt between her firm shapely thighs and started to stimulate the engorged clit and massage her belly and breasts She sometimes used an open hand over the whole vulva. At other times she used two fingers to either circle the clit or slide the hood up and down. She also used one finger to gently touch the purple exposed head. Angela continued to shudder through climax after climax for half an hour.

Christine then was then on all fours with Angela beside her, one hand at the back, fingers in her vagina and the other hand round in front of one thigh manipulating her distended clitoris. Soon Christine was jerking and shaking with the power of her orgasms!

Angela next did the thing Christine had relished for as long as she could remember but without the secrecy and shame she had once endured. She knelt behind Christine and gently worked a forefinger into her tighter hole and started to slide it in and out while Christine continued to masturbate and climax. When Angela felt contractions she swirled her finger round within the pulsing ring knowing this is what Christine desired. After several minutes Angela replaced her finger with a dildo of graduated beads and with stomach muscles quivering uncontrollably, Christine came again and again in frenzied yet exquisite ecstasy.



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