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College Roommates Night Time Jerk

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Night time jerk after going to bed


My roommate, Brent, and I had a busy Sunday. Our dorm intramural ultimate Frisbee team had won a dorm vs dorm tournament late that afternoon. By the end of the third game we were sweaty stinky messes. Fortunately for us, we were skins all day, so our tshirts were not a sweaty mess for putting on to wear at the cafeteria so we grabbed a bite to eat before heading back to the dorm.

Once back at the dorm, the guys on our floor that were on the team were still ecstatic over our teams victory. Brent and I got back to our rooms, and stripped down and wrapped a towel around our waists and went to the shower. It felt great washing away the sweaty grime. A couple other guys from the team were showering off as well, and we chatted about the game, and wondering if we could still enter the big ultimate Frisbee tournament at a nearby college the following weekend now that our egos were pumped to the max.

Brent and I toweled off and went back to our room. He slipped into a pair of briefs and basketball shorts, and I put on boxerbriefs and gym shorts. We each had to review some notes and do some reading for our classes the next day...we spent the next couple of hours doing the mundane homework with some interruptions from floor mates, and occasional snack break. By 11pm I noticed when I looked over at his desk that he had a porn video playing in the one corner of his laptop screen. I thought, ah, a study break while studying, clever. I felt my dick getting hard thinking about watching a porn myself for a a few minutes once I got my reading done. Brent must have been sporting wood as before I averted my glance from him and his screen I noticed his right hand slipping down under his desk to likely readjust...

I finished reading, and as planned I went to my favorite porn site and watched one of the recent uploads of a college guy and his girl fucking. I definitely got hard watching and thinking man i'd love to be doing that guys girl. When the video ended, I shut down my laptop and got up from my desk. I said, well Brent, think that is a night. I'm tired and need some sleep. He minimized his screen just as I was going behind him. He got up and said, yeah i'm tired too. its been a long day.

We both headed down the hall to the bathroom, and brushed our teeth and took a leak. Then headed back to the room. I went over to my desk and discreetly got a handful of tissues and balled them up in my hand, and then took my shorts off and got into my bed, which is the bottom bunk, wearing just a pair of boxer briefs. Brent then got into the top bunk after tossing his basketball shorts into his closet. As he was standing by the bunk getting ready to pull himself up to the top, I could see that he had a hardon in his briefs. He then turned away for a second to turn off the light and then climbed up into his bed.

Once the lights were out, and he was up in his bed, my mind went back to the porn that I had just watched minutes earlier. My dick went hard as soon as I started thinking about it. My right hand snuck down under my sheet and started to slightly rub my hardening dick through my boxerbriefs. As I was doing this, I could feel the bunk slightly start to move. It was a slow pace.. I kept rubbing just slightly, and after a minute or so the bed felt like the movement had picked up in speed, and then I realized that Brent was jerkin off in the top bunk as his bed above me gave out a few squeaks that matched the increased pace of the movement that I was feeling. Dang, he had the same idea I had. I then thought man I need to jerk bad..I took off my boxerbriefs and started stroking myself..starting slow, but then increasing the speed to match what I had been feeling through the bed, my own bed on the bottom started to squeak with my own stroking now.. as Brent speeded up the squeaking got louder, every now and then he would slow down and the squeakin would get quieter, then after about 10 minutes, I laid still as he picked his pace up to a real fast pace, really causing me to feel the bunk move, and his bed squeaked really loud and fast, then heard a muffled sigh as the squeaking stopped and figured he had just cum... I then felt the urge to cum , and started stroking as fast as I could, my bed squeaking loudly and fast as his had just done..., imagining that he must be feeling and hearing me, and soon my toes curled, my back arched, and I felt my balls tight in my sack, I threw my sheet down as I started spurting shot after shot of cum up across my chest and stomach, the first spurt hit near my left nipple the second a little under it, and the rest shot out just onto my stomach and belly button. I let out a slight moan with the first couple spurts. Once I had finished cumming, I used my tissues to wipe myself off, and pulled my briefs back up. Then I felt the urge to need to take a leak again. As I got up out of bed, Brent jumped down from the top bunk and tossed a handful of tissues into the trash just as I did. He said, So Zach u gotta take a leak now too huh.. so we both headed down the hall to the bathroom, noticing that we both had a wet spot on our colored underwear from leaking cum. On the way back to our room, we ran into Greg on his way to the bathroom, obviously he had just had some presleep fun as well, as we both chuckled after passing him, and Brent whispered, did u see he had a cum wet spot on his briefs too...

Thus just another presleep jerkoff in our room, which was a nightly occurrence on those days in which we hadn't been able to get laid from a girlfriend or a hookup at a party. We go through a lot of tissues at night.



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