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Perilis of Gambling

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I was at a party recently. I was very drunk indeed so I went outside to get some air. I was leaning against the back wall when I heard a voice asking me if I was ok. I told him I was fine. He continued to talk saying he had seen me talking to claire. He then asked me if I knew that she was supposed to give the best blow jobs at college. I laughed and said 'why do you think I was talking to her'

Completely out of the blue he said 'but of course they are wrong because I give the best blow jobs in college' then he said 'I would be happy to prove it to you' I told him I was staight. He said 'thats ok but you would still enjoy it, anybody can turn anybody else on you know' I said 'not in my case' and I started to walk away. He then quikly said I bet you £100 that I could get you hard without ever touching your cock. I just said 'no thanks' and carried on walking. he immediatley said 'ok £200 and here it is'

I stopped and tuned round and he brought out a roll of money. He said 'come on nobody is here' if I lose you get £200 if I win you just give me £10' Being a student I was short of money and to be honest £200 was a lot of money to me. So I found my self in my drunken state saying 'Ok but you don't touch me'. He said 'I won't touch your cock'

There was nobody about so I thought why not. He came towards me and he started saying things like. 'I,m gonna give you the blow job of your life' and 'you know your cock is aching for me' he was saying all sorts as he slowly walked over to me.

The truth of the matter is as he was saying this and walking towards me to my horror my cock indeed started to stir. By this time he was stood right in front of me with the roll of money in his hand. He showed it to me and then said 'so you want this do you, well you'll have to earn it' and with that he placed it above my knee on the inside of my thigh and ever so slowly he began lifting it higher. He had only raised it a couple of inches and I was AS HARD AS A ROCK.

I kind of came to my senses and thought 'what are you doing' so I said 'you have lost this is silly keep your money I'm going' with that I turned my back on him so he would not see my cock and walked away. With that he said 'oh no you don't I haven't finished.' Then he said 'lets see if i've won' and with that he came from behind me and reached round and just grabbed my still rock hard cock. 'what's this then I want my money' and with that his other hand went inside my pocket to grab my wallet.

Instead of getting his hand off my cock awent to get his hand of my wallet this left his hand free on my cock. He then began to pump my cock through my trousers. By this time we had managed to end up at the top of the garden by the shed and I was facing the wall with him behind me. Still working my cock he managed to push me between the shed and the wall so we were now completeley out of sight. He then let go of my wallet and I grabbed it.With his free hand he began to unbutton my trousers. Before I knew it my trousers were round my ankles and he had taken my cock out of my boxer shorts and he was going to town on it. At this point I gave up the struggle and let my hands drop to the side.

When I did this he immediatley stopped and let go of my cock. He then said 'so are you turned on or not' with my cock now throbbing I could hardly say no.'so tell me what you want me to do' Then I found myself saying 'make me cum' he humilitaed me further by making me say 'please'. he then put his hand back around my cock and started to pump it. This time he kept making me tell him how I wanted it. it was unreal I was telling a guy to 'squeeze it, faster, slower harder' but the truth of the matter the more I spoke the better it felt. As for the orgasm I swear it started in my toes. When I came it was so high it went over the garden wall. If he had not been behind me I would have collapsed it was that intense.

After I came he said I'll be back soon to collect my money. he said you'd like that wouldn't you. By this time I had come to my senses and I said 'no this was a one off' He walked to wards me I backed away but I was trapped by the wall he simply gave my cock a squeeze and that was it I was hard straight away. He looked at my hard cock looked at me and just laughed at me and walked away.



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