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My Teacher

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Well it all started last year when I was 16 years old...it happened at school...well I had the most hottiest youngest math teacher in the world...lol they are usually old and smell but not him, he would wear low rise jeans and tshirt (one that fit so you can see his body through it, and when he lifted his arms you can see his boxer briefs and his stomach line) anyhow my desk for his class was against the wall in the front, we had rows of desks...mine was in the front, he had a podeum that was in the same row as mine, if I layed my head I can see his bulge (I did that often to get a nice hard on in class)

Well one day we were all taking a test and he spread the class out so there was only three kids on my row so I was in clear view of him...during the test I got hard I was thinking about the porn I had watched the other night and about my teachers body...so I wanted to get a quick view of his body when I notcied that he was hard that made me so horny...so I was wondering what he was doing on his computer so I got up acting like I was getting more paper when I saw that he was wathcing two guys have sex...that made me throb hard and drip.

I went back to my desk and started to rub myself a little, making sure no one saw me...then when I looked back at him to see it again he was grabbing it hard for like three seconds. I took in a deep breath cause I couldn't believe my eyes. At that moment he turned when he heard me take a deep breath and looked at me. I turned really fast and hoping he didn't see me grabbing or looking at him. I couldn't finish the test cause all I could think about was his boner and seeing him grab it in class.

After class was over he told me that I had to stay after class because I didn't finish the test. So I stayed after class and did the test. I was so horny and hard you can see precum coming through my pants. When I finished I got up hoping he wouldn't see my hard throbbing bulge but he did. I saw him glance at it and he cleared his throat and looked at the paper but looked again. I was afraid he was going to say something but he didn't. He just said 'ok your good to go' I walked out fast to go to the bathroom and jack off, all my cum was building inside of me fast. As I was walking to the bathroom I remembered I forgot my notebook and I needed it because my homework was in there.

I ran back to see if I could catch him on time before he locked the room...well I did catch him lol...(he always has his door locked and I know why, but guess today he forgot) right when I walked in I said 'sorry I forgo--' I froze I didn't know what to say, he was sitting down on his chair with his pants down to his kness, he had his whole nine inch dripping cock in his hand jacking off. I got a quick throbbing hard on. He was shocked and couldn't say anything, we looked at each other in the eyes, he kept going, he wasn't stopping, he told me to close the door and lock it. I did, I sat on the chair that was next to the door and started to jack off too.

I saw that it made him even more hard, he got up and walked torward me, he took his pants off and stood in front of me and started to jack off. My hand slowly went and got a hold of his cock...his cock was nice and thick my fingers didn't even go round and touch each other. I started to jack him off, he bent down a little and started to jack me off. He started to moan loud and his dick was throbbing fast so I knew he was ready to cum. He stood up straight and he threw his big thick load all over my chest on my shirt, he was shooting like a broken hoze. He moaned loud and he got on his kness and jacked me off and I blew my load all over his face. So after that we kept going at it...and we still are to this day lol...



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