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Changing Room Fun

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Who knew shopping could be so much fun.

For those who read my first story you will know that I became hooked on masturbating in public. The thrill of doing something so private in public where people could see gives me such a rush. This happened a few months after I discovered this.

My friend and I go out shopping a lot and this was just like any other day. She told me she wanted some new clothes so we hit the shops. We looked round a couple of shops but saw nothing she wanted then in the third shop she found some items she liked and we went to the changing rooms. I stood looking as she went towards the changing rooms and she asked what I was doing. I told her I was waiting for her and she told me to come in with her because she wanted my opinion.

She began to get undressed and immediately I felt my knickers dampen with juice. I have always found her sexy and had had many fantasies about her whilst masturbating....and she knew it, she loved the fact I thought about her like that and loved to tease me. I watched her get dressed and undressed several times as she tried the clothes on and each time my pussy became more and more wet and my clit throbbed wanting attention.

By the time she had tried on all the clothes and had decided what she was buying I was insanely horny and wanted nothing more than to rub my aching clit. As she stood paying I could feel my clit rubbing against my knickers making it so much worse. I knew I couldn't wait till I got home for some relief and would have to nip in to the toilets in the next shop and bring myself off. The knowledge that soon I would be able to cum was making me so horny I couldn't wait.

We left the shop and headed down the street, each step taking me closer to the relief I craved and each step causing juice to drip into my knickers. We went into another shop as she wanted to look at something. I began looking round, not really paying attention to anything except the wetness between my legs. Suddenly she appeared next to me and said "come on I need your opinion" and led me to the changing rooms. She held up some underwear and said she was getting some new stuff for her holiday. My mind went into overload, I didn't think I could take watching her try on underwear.

She stripped off again, this time removing her bra and revealing her amazing boobies. I had seen them before but even so I couldn't stop staring at them. She put on one of the bra's and asked what I thought. I told her how sexy she looked and she took it off and tried on another one. She tried on four and each time she asked me what I thought and I could only stare at her sexy body in her bra and knickers as my pussy screamed at me for attention.

She turned round and looked in the mirror. I took the opportunity when she wasn't looking to slip my hand up my skirt and rubbed my clit through my knickers. A jolt of pleasure shot through me and I let out an involuntary moan. I looked up at her but she didn't say anything so I thought she hadn't heard. I gave it a few more strokes and then she started talking so I removed my hand. She turned round and said "don't stop on my account" I looked at her embarrassed, how was I going to talk my way out of this.

Before I could say anything she continued "its turning me on knowing you are enjoying watching me so please continue". I looked at her and she started nodding so I slipped my hand back up my skirt and began rubbing my aching clit. She told me to show her so I lifted my legs onto the bench and spread my legs. She could see the wetness on my knickers and giggled as I began to stroke my poking clit and tease my wet lips. She slowly slipped off her knickers and began trying on different pairs asking me what she thought, each time she put on a new pair I edged closer to a much needed orgasm.

She finally tried on all the pairs she had chosen and slipped the last pair off and then just stood in front of me naked. She told me how much she was enjoying watching me play with myself and listening to me moan and pointed to her hard erect nipples. She slowly stroked them and moaned softly. I was getting so close to cumming watching her moan and tease her nipples. She asked if she could join in and I nodded enthusiastically. She stroked her hand down her tummy and slowly rubbed her clit. I was going to cum, I was sat in a public place, in a shop, with other shoppers just behind the door masturbating as I watched my friend do the same.

I felt my orgasm beginning to build so I slipped my fingers into my wet pussy and began to probe my g-spot. She sat down on the floor and began to do the same. I couldn't take it anymore, I was about to cum....watching her do this, what I had fantasised about her doing so many times, was so insanely hot. I told her I was about to cum and she giggled and shook her head. "You can't cum yet, I want to cum with you so you have to wait for me". I begged her to hurry up as I was on the edge of cumming and it was getting hard to stop.

This obviously turned her on and she suddenly shouted "oh god now" and as she did I let go and we both came hard, my orgasm ripped through my body and I had to bite my hand to stop from screaming. I kept cumming squirting cum all over the seat and floor. Watching her body shudder and squirm as her orgasm hit her was so hot I came again. Eventually the feeling subsided and we both lay panting and just started laughing.

We stood up and examined the mess. We used our knickers to wipe up the mess and slipped them into our bag. She then got dressed and went and paid for the items. We spent the next few hours shopping and caught the train home. When we got off the train we split up and headed home. However before we said goodbye she said she had something for me. She reached in her bag and pulled out her knickers which she handed to me and told me she wanted me to enjoy them and then wear them and add my own wetness to them and then give them her back. I did the same with mine and then we parted ways.

The moment I got home I stripped off and laid on my bed and began to masturbate. I lifted her soaked knickers to my nose and inhaled her sweet smell, after a while of smelling and licking them I slipped them on. They felt so nice on my pussy and I proceeded to rub myself through them and had two mind blowing orgasms thinking about what we had done.

The next day we swapped back and she told me how much she had enjoyed my knickers and we then sat in her living room and masturbated together. Since then we love our shopping trips together....of which I have another story about the second time we had fun in a changing room but that's for a later date.



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