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Masturbation Addict and New Friend

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Even more fun with masturbating, now I have a like-minded friend who loves the fun as much as me.


Hello again, I sent in a few weeks back more of the fun I have masturbating. I'm 49 from the south coast of the UK, I love to masturbate outside, I'm addicted to masturbating, I do it most days, when I'm alone at home. I spend as much time as possible playing with myself. In my last instalment I told you about how I love to go nude outside in the woods and on the downs around my home. I told you about the fun I have walking nude and masturbating outside over and over again, how I love to go nude for as far as I dare and spend hours playing with my pussy. I've been doing this now for over a year and I have loved every second of it. The thrill of being naked outside, walking about with my nipples like rocks and my juice running out of my pussy, with my clit sticking out for everyone to see if I was ever caught. I have learnt how to give myself pleasure on a level I never thought possible. I can have really long powerful mind blowing orgasms one after the other, or I can have long slow ones that make me squeal and writhe about, or if I'm really, really horny, I finger my clit and pussy so hard it hurts but makes me cum like a train, hard, fast and powerful.

I love to do it in anyway I can. I have chatted to other people in chat rooms and I have a few long term chat partners both male and female who like to listen to what I get up to nude outside. I have a friend called Gen in the chat room who I swap ideas with, she enjoys it as much as me but she lives in Scotland so she is a long way off. We have often said that if we ever met we would be a right pair. Two middle-aged ladies naked in the woods, with their legs apart and their fingers flying over their clits. We laugh and joke about it but we both think the idea of doing it with another person joining in is a very sexy thought. It is a shame we are so far apart.

But a few weeks back things for me changed, a new family moved into the house a few houses down from us, a couple with a daughter. We chatted a bit when they moved in just to be friendly, but my husband and the new couples husband are both golf addicts, so they hit it off right away and he has joined my husbands golf club. Now that they have settled in I see the new lady and her daughter a few times a week. I don't really get on well with the new lady as she is a bit, shall we say, stuck up, and thinks that she is a bit better than the rest of us, but her daughter is a nice girl, very friendly and polite. She is 23 and has just left university, so she is looking for a job. She is nice to talk to even though she is much younger than me but we seem to hit it off ok.

A few weeks back she was over at my house chatting about life and boy friends, we were getting along great. It's nice to talk to someone fresh and without any hang-ups. We talked a lot about how she enjoyed university. I wanted to know if she had lots of new boys chasing after her. She admitted to having a few nice times but then she said something that really got me hot and bothered, she said that boys were too much hassle and she prefered to have fun alone. I made a small joke and laughed a bit saying 'who doesn't'. We laughed and I said since my hubby plays so much golf that's all the fun I ever get. This gave us both the giggles and we talked for a bit more about fun and sex. I told her that even though I was nearly fifty I did like to have fun as often as possible.

She told me that she likes to cum in the morning before she gets up but has to be real careful as her mother is a real prude and doesn't think ladies should do such things. This made me laugh and I said in that case I'm definately no lady. We chatted for a bit longer, then she said she had better go, we said goodnight and she left. I was in a right state, talking to her of masturbation had got me really wet and my clit was demanding attention. I sat on the couch and pulled my skirt up and started to work my clit with my legs apart when she walked back in the room. She looked at me and said I'm sorry I left my phone on the table. I jumped up and let my skirt drop down and said I'm sorry, she said it's ok I shouldn't have just walked in on you like that.

She picked up her phone and said she would go if I wanted her to. I realized that she wanted to stay and watch, so I said to her if it was ok with her I didn't mind her staying a bit longer. She sat down in the chair again and said that it was ok with her if I carried on. I sat down again and lifted my skirt, my heart was pounding away, I couldn't believe that I was going to masturbate with someone watching me. I opened my legs wide and let her see my wet pussy, she smiled and said that I had a great body. I said thanks and told her I was very nervous. She said not to worry, she had seen other girls do it at uni. I relaxed a little and let my fingers touch my clit, then I lay back and did what I did best. She sat there watching me with her eyes fixed on my clit.

I didn't take long to cum, I was so horny, it hit me like a hot wave over my body and I couldn't help but let out a long groan of pleasure. When I had finished I lay back a little and she said to me that was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. I told her I'm glad and admitted to being very horny listening to her tell me about her uni. fun. She wanted to know if I did it often, and I felt that I should tell her what I did. I thought the best way was to let her read my story at Solo Touch. I showed her to my pc and brought up your site. I showed her what the site was about and told her that I wrote a few times about what I did. I showed her my three previous stories and she sat there reading them without saying a word.

When she was done she had a look of real excitement on her face, she told me that she loved to masturbate but had always wanted to do it outside but was too scared to go out alone. I told her that if she wanted to I would take her out next time I went to the moors, and she could join me. She said yes please, that would be amazing as long as I didn't mind her doing to herself what I did. I told her of course not and anyway she owed me one. I told her that I was planning on going out in a few nights time and we could go to the moors or the woods which ever she preferred. I told her that the moors are very open and it's a lovely place, so we agreed to go there. We said goodnight and she left. I was naked as soon as she was out of the door, my legs apart, on the floor rubbing my clit like a maniac.

I'll let you know next time I write how much fun we had. It was amazing. Thanks.



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