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Beyond Topless

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The final part of my Topless trilogy.


I was out in San Diego last summer. While there, I went to Black's Beach. I knew it was clothing optional, and wanted to do some topless sunbathing while in the California sun. Once I got there, I realized that keeping on that extremely skimpy thong was kind of silly, so off it went, and for the first time I enjoyed the feeling of completely nude sunbathing. It was better than topless sunbathing, because now I could spread my legs and feel the sun and the air on my bare pussy. After a day of being naked in the sun, my pussy was aching for some attention, and the second I went back to my hotel room I was naked on the bed, playing with myself until I had an intense orgasm. Needless to say, Black's Beach was my primary destination while in San Diego.

When I got home, I decided I wanted to get more into nudism. An internet search found a nude beach about two hours away from me in another state (topless is more common I guess), and a nude resort an hour and a half in the other direction. After some thought, I figured on the resort having more to do, and also giving me more time to just be nude. So I made a call and booked a room at the resort. Soon enough, it was time to go, I packed a bag with the essentials (towels, sunscreen), and made the drive upstate.

The resort was a very rustic place. Out in the woods near a lake. I parked and headed over to the main office where I was greeted by a middle aged woman. She was completely nude. I told her my name, she took all the important information and informed me I had to go to my room, undress, then return to take the tour. So I went to my "room"- it was more like a small cabin, and undressed, stepping outside again in only my sandals to return to the office. The woman was surprised at how fast I was. She then took me on the tour, showing me the tennis courts, the pool, the lake, the hot tub, and other things. I scoped out the bodies present. Young, old, slim, fat, shapely. Lots of types. Walking around nude like that was getting me quite horny, so when I returned to my room, I stayed for a few minutes to get in a quick one. After a fast cum, I cleaned up, grabbed my towel and my sunscreen and headed to the pool.

I found a nice spot right in the sun, next to a girl who looked to be about 18. She didn't seem to notice me when I sat on the nearby chair. After applying my sunscreen (putting it on my pussy was quite fun), I laid back and soaked up the sun. A while later, someone nearby spoke. "You're new here?"

I opened my eyes and found the teenage girl was now looking at me. I replied "yes," and she started asking me how I got into nudism. Her name was Kat. I told her my story, then asked her the same question. She told me her mother got her into it, and was somewhere at the resort. "Probably with a man," she said and rolled her eyes.

Kat was an extremely gorgeous girl. I had pegged her at 19, but it turned out she actually was 18. She had been going with her mom to nudist resorts since she was 12, and I imagine that in more recent years she's gotten quite a bit of attention. Kat had platinum blonde hair that was long and beautiful. She had perfectly shaped perky C cup breasts, a slim figure with just the right curves and a completely shaved pussy. There wasn't a tan line to be found on her.

Soon enough we were joined by Kat's mother Helen. Helen was in her early 40s, and looked amazing. Athletic and slim, with perky B cups, a firm butt, and a finely trimmed landing strip. Helen sat with us, and I got to know these foxy ladies quite well. We hit it off right away, and I felt like I'd known them forever. It didn't hurt that neither Kat or Helen were embarrassed or ashamed of anything. Helen freely admitted in front of me that she had, in fact, been off with a man. And that it was "wonderful."

The sun started to go down, and the three of us hit the showers to wash up. Helen invited me to eat dinner with her and Kat, so I met up with them later in the Bistro. More chatting during dinner, which got pretty sexy. I told them I was going to need relief. Helen suggested we go to their cabin.

We arrived in their room and Kat wasted no time, shoving her hand between her legs and playing. Helen laughed at her daughter's eagerness. Helen sat down on her bed, spreading her legs, lightly playing as she looked over to me. She motioned for me to join her on her bed, so I did, facing her with my legs open as well. Kat sat on the other bed, on the edge. Then we all got started.

I barely knew these girls, but here I was naked with them, the three of us fingering and rubbing and moaning and breathing heavy. Kat came quickly, squealing and collapsing backwards onto the bed. I came next, and an amazing wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over me. Helen came next, and soon enough Kat and I came again. Over and over, we played and came and eventually just passed out from sheer exhaustion. Thanks to other social encounters at the resort, I wasn't able to do this again with Kat and Helen, though I did see them quite a bit.

Needless to say, my first visit to a nudist resort was quite memorable.



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