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Catching My Sister

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When I moved out from home, I took maybe 90% of my accumulated stuff, but ‘my room’ would always be ‘my room’, I was told, so I left some things behind….a few clothes, a little underwear, (including my favourite ‘wank panties’) and other stuff. 

One item in the ‘other stuff’ included a laptop. Oh it’s nothing special by today’s standard, but it was my first ‘porn’ laptop, in that I used it to record myself masturbating, and it also has many audio files from mum and dad fucking. Since I’m going through a phase of missing their sex talk - especially when it featured me or Alison, I figured I’d go and grab it and bring it home and relive some great memories. 


Mum and dad told me they would be out, and since we both know the entry codes to each other’s homes it was no big deal anyway. 


Oh, one more item of information relevant to this. Ali no longer lives at home. She and The Lovely Chris have moved into my old farmhouse. I intend to give it to them as a wedding present (if I can find a way to minimise the gifts tax and capital gains tax.) 


So, empty house then. 



I let myself in and I admit, Miss Brain was on point this morning, urging me to have a secret wank in dad’s den, or maybe on Alison’s bed, but I stilled such thoughts. No…stick to the mission and enjoy the orgasms later. 



Since there was no-one there, there was no need to yell out. The place, like mine, is fucking enormous and even if I’d yelled out it wouldn’t have carried everywhere. So, into the capacious reception hall, Tuen left, up the sweeping curved staircase, and along the corridor. Past mum & dad’s room, having a sly smile to myself knowing I’d recorded a lot of what they got up to over my teenage years…some of it just audio, but thank God for GoPros that can be placed on a vent ledge (after I’d taken the vent off on my side of course) which had given me some great video to wank over. 



I placed my hand on the door handle to my room, and, remembering the heavy oak door tends to stick sometimes, gave it a mighty shove…



……and found my sister, on my bed, spread legged with her hand working furiously in her panties. We both froze. I genuinely had no idea she was home…no, really. We were both like rabbits caught in headlights. Finally Miss Brain grabbed the mouth controls and made me say “Oh, Ali….please….don't stop.” If I’d have tried to say that consciously I’d have got the tone and inflection wrong, but Miss Brain hit it right on the money. I made to retrace my steps and shut the door behind me, but Ali’s voice stopped me. “Anna….please don’t go. I…I’d like you to watch.” 



And I knew in a heartbeat that ‘watch’ meant ‘watch’. Nothing more. As I made my way to an armchair I remembered the myriad of times I had buried my face between her legs and sucked her off…..the time she’d squirted on me….peed on me….had me lick her bum and finger it….but as Hannibal Lecter would say, “Not today.”



I curled up in the chair, acutely aware that I was also leaking badly and watched as my sister resumed masturbating, except now, she added an aural commentary. I’ve never known her do this before. Clearly, my arrival set her back a bit, so here’s what she said verbatim as far as I can remember it. 



(When I start a new line, remember it’s all her speaking, but the new lines represent a pause in what she said.)



“I wanted to cum on your bed….in your room….like we used to when we first started.”


“We didn’t go straight for sucking. We’d wank, ourselves or each other….I loved that.”

“ I’m imagining this is your hand in my panties….feeling my wet cunt…..me desperately wanting your fingers up me, but not knowing how to ask.” 

“The times one of your fingers would graze across my bum hole. Oh, Anna, I really, really wanted you to finger my bum. I’d been doing that to myself for ages….pretty much from when I first started masturbating.”

“And then, that first time you fingered my arsehole. Does it work the same with you? It makes my cunt feel soooo empty, yet at the same time it’s so naughty having something up your bum.”


There’s a long silence here as she recalls the times I’d fingered her that way. Judging by the increase in speed it’s really getting her there.



‘MMM…..oh God……..I love it up the bum now. My favourite position is on my back, my legs over Chris’s shoulders and he fucks my cunt until he’s covered in my wetness….then he guides himself to my bum hole and presses in. I fucking adore it…..but I adore it more because I know he’s been up you too.”



“When we shared him……he’d come back to me and I’d suck your cunt juices off his cock. Or I’d have him just fuck me. I knew your cunt would be inside me and that……”



Her back suddenly arches off the bed and she turns half sideways. A deep, almost savage moan escapes her and I watch as the material of her panties turns from red to a deep, almost black stain as she squirts into her panties. She can’t describe what she’s feeling, but then she doesn’t need to. I’ve been part of my sister’s orgasms so often that I feel I know what’s tearing her apart right now. 



Eventually, the storm subsides and she relaxes. She gives me a wry little grin and inches her devastated panties over her bum and off, holding them out for me. I take them, wondering if I should take them home, or if now she wants to watch me. I could certainly go for a couple of Olympic-sized cums right now. Plus, I can see between her legs and she is so wet, it’s an effort of pure will not to leap from the chair and bury my head in her cunt, but I know it doesn’t work like that with my sister.



Instead, I uncurl myself from my chair and slip my own panties off. I flick them at her and with a slow deliberateness, I pull her soaked panties on until I feel her abundant wetness kiss mine. Ali watches wide-eyed and then does the same with my panties. 



Somehow, in that moment, we know it will go no further….not this time.



I walk home with my laptop tucked under my arm, but I barely make it through the front door before my hand is in the panties and I’m frigging my clit furiously. I cum heavily enough to feel wetness rolling down my inner thighs. I make a dash for the bathroom in the lobby and, without bothering to take her panties down, I just sit and let the excess squirt run through the material and drip into the bowl. It takes a while. 



I come out - eventually - and walk into my lounge…..and there, to my heavenly delight, is Dani! 



Oooohhhh boy! 




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