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Breastfeeding in Front of My Cousin

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I never knew breastfeeding would excite my cousin.


I am 21 years old and a single mother of a baby girl, almost three years old. This story happened two years ago when I was 19 and staying with my parents at my uncles place on holidays. We used to visit our uncle and auntie about once a year as we lived a long way from them.

My relations have a son, of a similar age who I always got on very well with. He's a bit of a nerd, but overall, he's fun to be with. This is about Reggie and me on those two weeks holiday. Being a single mum, I have been around a bit and had some fun times, but this takes the cake.

Ever since I gave birth to my daughter, I have always breast-fed her. I was told by my obsteatrician and also during my pre-natal classes, the benefits of breast feeding. After arriving at my uncle's place, it was time to feed my daughter. We were all in the lounge room, so I went to a comfortable seat at the back of the room, while all the others were talking. Being a hot summer, I just had a nursing bra on under my top. I lifted my top and raised one cup of my bra to give Gretel easy access to my full breast of milk. As I looked up during the feeding, I noticed my cousin Reggie, looking at my breast. He knew I caught him lamping me and he turned red and looked away. I paid attention to Gretel again and when I looked up again later, he was looking at me again. I didn't really mind, but thought it a little rude. After feeding her, I changed her nappy and put her to sleep.

On waking some five hours later, I fed her again, in the presence of company. This time Reggie was in a different seat, somewhat closer to me. As I exposed my other breast to feed my baby, Reggie's eyes lit up as they followed every movement of mine and Gretel's. After dinner that night, we had a bit of a chat and casually mentioned to him about him staring at my breasts while feeding Gretel. He said he was sorry. I asked if he had a girlfriend and he said no. On asking why, he said he was too busy with sport and never had time for girls.

Over the next few days he was often there during feeding times and we spent some time chatting as cousins usually do. One Thursday morning, mum, dad and my uncle and aunt went shopping. Due to feeding and looking after the baby, I decided to stay back at the house. Reggie wanted to stay as well, as it was boring just tagging along. So we were all alone: me, Reggie and Gretel. Inevitably it became feeding time again, only on this particular occasion; I never had a bra on. When I lifted my top to feed Gretel, both of my breasts were fully exposed. Before becoming pregnant, I barely filled a B-cup, but with so much milk, was now a C-cup easily. Reggie was there beside me and he had a very close view of my breasts as I was feeding. I asked him if he didn't mind me doing this and that I was not upsetting him. Reggie said it was okay and the baby had to be fed.

Reggie, then out of curiosity I suppose, asked me what breast milk tasted like and if it was any different to bottled cow's milk. I laughed and told him it was a lot different to cow's milk. He then said to me out of the blue, 'Gee Angela, you really have got swell tits.' I didn't know what to say, but took it as a compliment, and said thank you. I could see from looking at his loose shorts he was wearing, that he was quite excited. He had a hard-on that was poking into his shorts and was quite pronounced. Again he reverted back to the conversation about breast milk and the taste.

By this stage, I had finished feeding Gretel and changed her nappy, before putting her down to sleep. On coming back into the lounge, Reggie said to me 'You know what Angela? I wish I was a baby again so I could suck on your tits.' I stopped and thought about it for a while and I said to him 'Reggie, I am only going to do this once, purely on educational grounds, but I will let you have a taste of breast milk.' Poor Reggie went as red as a beetroot and stammered, 'Wow, gee, really?' I lifted my top off over my head, exposing my breasts and I was completely naked from the waist up. I had had several boyfriends in my life, and nakedness had never worried me. I was always very open minded and did things on impulse.

I had Reggie lie on the couch, with his head on my lap as I bent over. He took my nipple in his mouth and started sucking on my breast. The milk flowed quite freely, so much so, that when he took his mouth from my breast, milk continued to flow all over his face and mouth. He got back on my nipple again and got a few more mouthfuls before I told him to stop as my breast was getting quite sore.

I looked at his shorts again, and he still had a huge bulge in the front of them. I had wicked thoughts going through my head at the thought of seeing his hard cock and see what he could do. I said to him 'Reggie, I can't help notice how excited you are, your hard-on is poking through your shorts.' He just looked down and tried to cover up with his hands. I said to him 'Reggie, do you ever rub your cock and make yourself cum?' His reply was 'Sometimes when I am in bed or in the shower, or watching porn on the internet.' I asked him 'Would you like to masturbate for me and show me how much cum you can spurt out.' Reggie replied, 'Sure, if you really want me to, I will.'

I asked him to slip off his shorts and top and stand naked in front of me, so I could get a close at him doing it. Reggie did as I asked, and he was soon standing stark naked in front of me. His woody was quite impressive, reaching about 6' in length, circumcised with a round head on a rather skinny shaft. He had some hair above his cock and sparse hair around his balls. Reggie then asked me 'Angela, do you think you could please show me your pussy.' I said 'Sure Reggie, that's fair as you are naked too.' With that, I pulled down my loose skirt and panties and stood naked in front of him. He said 'Wow, Angela, you sure got a nice hairy pussy; it's a lot hairier than some of the women on the porn sites.'

I told Reggie to hurry up and wank off before our parents got home. He started rubbing his hard cock with his fist and thumb, slowly at first, back and forth. As he was doing this I was getting horny myself and started to finger my pussy. I knew what I wanted, but I couldn't cross the line, knowing it was wrong. Before long, he squirted 7-8 ropes of cum across the floor and onto the carpet. That was so hot, watching him do that. I suggested we both clean up and get dressed before our parents got home. There were other occasions and stories to tell before I went home. If you would like to hear some more, let me know in the comments section.



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