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On the Couch with Barbara

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This is another episode in a relationship with Barbara that started right after my divorce. She was still married but was on the way to filing for a divorce. 


One afternoon Barbara called me and said she was alone for awhile because her husband had taken her children to the movies. This may not sound like much, but where we lived it took 45 minutes to drive one way to the town with the movie theaters so there was quite a bit to time. Plus, she said, he was taking them to McDonald's after. She asked if I could come over to comfort her.

When I got there, she melted into a friendly hug and cried a little. Then, she explained how she'd had an argument that involved not yelling but had lots of painful truths expressed. He said he'd had enough of her moods and complaints. She said she'd had enough of one sided sex and emotional coldness from him. She really opened up to me as we sat on the couch. Snuggled into my arms, she said he was almost never able to satisfy her and didn't seem to care or even want to listen to her.

Even wearing a loose pair of grey sweat pants and a big sweatshirt, Barb was feeling very good next to me. Hearing her talk about his penis being small, uncircumcised, and so sensitive that he would cum really fast, sometimes before she was very warmed up, was making me start to get aroused. Imagining her sexually, her warm body next to mine, her long brown hair feeling so soft as I reassuringly stroked it, and her fresh smell were adding to my fire. The way she was against me resulted in her forearm shifting after a while and it came to rest over my crotch, gently pressing on my growing penis.

As we talked, she shared how she wished for more affection, like kissing.  I said I loved kissing and would appreciate a woman who wanted it. She said she craved a man who would touch her, lovingly and sensually, and who would enjoy going down on her once in awhile. I said I loved giving massages and that giving oral was my greatest thrill. I learned that with her meds for depression she had a hard time cumming. And as we talked that forearm kept pressing and moving until I was almost fully erect in my tight Wrangler jeans. I learned her husband had been her only lover except for a one night stand affair a few years before. “I'm not a terrible person, am I?” she asked.

I told her that she was wonderful. Her face lifted up and her arms went around my neck. She looked into my eyes and her dark brown eyes transfixed mine. She leaned in and kissed me. Deeper and more passionately with every minute, we started making out for the first time. I shifted position to lay back on the couch and she straddled me. Her groin pressed into mine and my penis finally wasn't constricted by my jeans, gaining its full hardness. She ground into me as we consumed each other with hot, wet kisses.

We rolled to our sides as she pulled me around and her thigh went over my hip and her hand snaked between us to grope my penis through my pants. I started stroking her thigh, then her firm but womanly butt though the sweats. Reaching further to match her fingers playing with my cockhead through my jeans, my hand went between her cheeks from the back to feel her crotch. She was soaked, hot and wet. I pressed and fondled gently and she gasped into my mouth and moaned that she wanted my penis. I said I wanted her but it was too risky. She begged for me to “love” her and not leave her like that.

As we kept kissing, I reached down the back of her sweats and into her panties. I found her pussy wide open because of the way her leg was over me. My fingers played 8n the hot wet creamy mess that made my mouth water. I told her I wanted to eat her up. She said she wanted my hardness deep in her. Instead, my fingers substituted in plunging into her and playing with her clit.i could sense certain things aroused her more because of her kisses and breathing so I focused on those. Soon, Barbosa hips began thrusting and her breathing stopped. I pushed fingers into her pussy and she clutched them in waves of orgasm. Her hand almost squashed my penis as she came.

“Oh my god. I've been missing that. I don't know if I ever came like that, with just fingers,” Barb panted. I looked at the grandfather clock and saw our time was almost gone to be safe from being caught. I told her so and took my hand out of her sweats. It was all creamy and as we sat up, she apologized for the “mess.” To make actions speak loudly, I sucked each finger clean and she kissed my cheek. “I can't wait to feel your mouth, and your hard dick.”

She begged me to let her get me off but I said I needed to go to be prudent. I left her with the sweats so wet she had to change and my jeans had a big precum spot on them. Masturbating that night at home, I dreamed of doing all she wanted and feeling that delightful pussy on my penis.





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