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Blindfold and Ties

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Feeling only, part real part fantasy!


I was with my friend and we both had talked about tieing my hands and legs so when it happened I was so excited, just being tied made my breathing deep and heavy. The blindfold was even better and I couldn't wait for the experience. The next part I didn't expect, but loved!! My ipod earphones were put into my ears and turned on. I was excited and a bit scared at the same time.
I was lying there completely naked tied, blindfolded and now couldn't hear either!!!
I trusted my friend 100% so knew I would be safe whatever was to follow, and knew if I said to stop, anything I didn't like, he would!

Soft touches started up and down my body, they made me tingle all over, and then a kiss on my nipple made my already wet area pulse hard!
This continued for a minute or two and all the time getting me wetter and wetter and desperate for more!
When he kissed me it was deep and hard he tasted great...Then what happened next stopped me for a minute to think!!! I felt lips and hands further down my body. I was confused the blindfold and music messes with your mind and you have a senses overload. I wanted to stop but the feelings were so good.
Before I knew it my friend had now stopped kissing me and all I could feel were hands touching me all over, my nipples were being sucked hard and omg my wetness was being licked away... I came almost instantly but still didn't know who this was. At that point I didn't care. I was still pulsing like mad when it started over again.
I knew my friend was now near to my face. I could sense him and I tried to turn to where I thought he would be. A hand turned my face back and kissed me. It wasn't him!! I kissed back I thought I shouldn't but the excitement was overwhelming. I was being touched again and I could feel myself building as my hips were being lifted but not by hands I knew... What was going on now? I just couldn't figure out what was going on. I could feel movement around me and wanted to shout enough!!!! But didn't as now a mouth and tongue I didn't recognise were inside me sucking me up again hips thrusting into it as much As I could!!! Hands were still all over me... pinching at my nipples then they were being sucked. Kisses deep but gentle from my friend reassured me as I came again... then again!!!
I was exhausted and needed to stop. He knew this and after a few minutes of no touches my ear phones came out. My hands and legs untied and blindfold lifted. No one but my friend was in the room. He lay beside me and we stroked and hugged each other for a long long time. We then gently kissed and slept together nice and slowly and softly.

I still don't know every detail of that night. What was real? What was imagination? Probably the best way to leave it.



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