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Always Happy To Help

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A friendly neighbor lends a helping hand. 

   Our 77 year old neighbor lived by herself in the home she raised her family in, spent her life. Lainy did the best she could to maintain her property but a house is a lot for anyone, let alone an elderly person with various health problems.

   I would often help Lainy with taking trash out, moving furniture, anything she needed. She had a big personality and a big heart. She would always give me a warm hug and thank me for everything I did. She always said she wished there was something she could do for me. 

  One sweltering summer day I walked over to check on Lainy. We hadn’t spoke to her for a few days and was concerned. Lainy greeted me, said everything was fine except her sink was not draining. I knew she had probably poured cooking grease down the drain as she has a bad habit of doing so. I opened the cabinet door under the sink, laid on the floor and pushed myself underneath to unscrew the elbow. HAHAHAHA….laughed Lainey! I ignored it but something was tickling her funnybone! “ I see someone’s pecker!” She said playfully. I thought to myself for a moment then realized with the summer heat I went without underwear and I could feel now my shorts had fallen up exposing my flaccid cock. I could still hear Lainy chuckling to herself, I figured she wasn’t offended so I kept working getting aroused that I could feel her eyes staring at my growing dick. 

   By the time I was able to remove the plumbing elbow my cock was rock hard with a very swollen purple head. I got myself out of the cabinet, stood up, and instinctively pulled down my shorts. Lainy, with the sweetest grin on her face looked at me. “ I think I finally know something I can do for you!”. With that statement she grasped my manhood and began stroking it with one hand, fondling my testicles with the other. Oh my goodness, it felt soooo amazing! I stood there eyes closed just letting Lainy take me to orgasm. Obviously she’d done this before. 

  Within about 3 or 4 minutes it seemed I felt my scrotum tighten, my cock begin to almost shudder. “ Let it out, baby, let it all out over Lainy, all of it, I want it baby, let it out!!” My cock just erupted, spewing gobs of hot cum coating Lainys hand and wrist. I’d opened my eyes just at that moment. Her expression seemed so content, like she was proud of her participation in our act. “ I’m so, so sorry, Lainy!” , I exclaimed. “ I’m not and I don’t really think you are either. “ she calmly replied. She took a loose portion of her skirt and wiped my cock  and her hands off. With that I pulled my shorts up, assured her I’d be back in a bit to finish fixing the drain. 

   When I returned home I felt I had to confide to my wife what had happened. “ Well, I love Lainy. You gave her something happy, I’m ok as long as that’s all you do because I know you’re mine but I bet it made her feel special. “ The weight of guilt I felt lifted as I thanked my wife for her compassion for our experience. “ Go finish that drain and make sure that’s all you finish, ok.”, she seemed to sort of joke. I thanked her again and went to the garage to fix it, secretly hoping it would clog again soon. 



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