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Well, I Did It!

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Earlier this month I wrote about how 'I Want' to do something that some consider really bad. Well, it kinda happened, but not in the way I expected.


After I wrote here about planting a small cam in the bathroom to spy on my dad, it was like lighting a fire of pure, utter lust. I had already seen him spurt, AND into my panties, which was a real blast. I had also used those panties myself. But even frantic jilling was only leaving me more frustrated... until yesterday.

Dad had the weekend off (he is usually on call) and on Saturday we had nothing to do but laze in the garden by the pool. So, I put on my 'special' bikini. Its special because it is a little big for me around the leg holes. I know that I can flash myself in this if I want to and that's the only reason I wear it from time to time.

Dad appeared a little later with a t-shirt and his usual baggy shorts. He flopped onto a lounger opposite me and started to read his book. Me? I lifted my leg and squiggled around a little until I felt cool air on my pussy. I saw dad staring at me over the top of his book. I also noticed he wasn't turning pages. Then again, he didn't say anything to stop me either. So I decided I would get really bold. 'Dad, I'm going to go topless. Ok?' He said 'Uhh.. sure... ' So off came my bikini top and for another half hour we just lay there. I could see a clear semi in his shorts.

Then, he made my day. 'Rach, have you ever thought about going naked in the sun?' I said, 'Yeah, but I didn't know how you would feel about seeing me naked.' He said 'Well, I will if you will. ' So we both stripped off. By now he was getting harder and harder. So we lay back on our loungers and I drew both my knees up and made sure my feet were spread apart so he was staring right at my rapidly moistening pussy. IN turn, I got a totally unspoiled view of his massive and throbbing cock. (Why mum would have wanted to leave THAT I have NOOOoo idea.)

Then I let my knees flop open and I looked like I was ready for him to mount me. When I stole a glance at him, he was rubbing his cock. Well that was all I needed. I got up and sat on his lounger and put my hand around his. He stared into my eyes and opened his mouth to speak, but I said 'No. Just let me do this.' His hand fell away and I finally got my wish to jack him. Thing is, he wasn't quite getting there. Yes, he was hard, but I didn't get the feeling I was going to make him cum, so I said 'Tell me what you need.' He said, 'I have been used to jacking myself for so many years now, that I need a little 'extra' to get myself over.' Then there was a BIG silence. 'So?' I asked. 'So, .... sometimes I use your panties.' I smiled sweetly and said 'Ohhh. you need to smell a wet cunt?' I felt the twitch in my hand! I had not been wearing my bikini bottoms long enough to get them interesting enough for him, but there was something else I could to. I asked him to lie on the lawn and I knelt over his face while I jacked him. As I leaned forward over him, his cock head was almost between my breasts. I could also feel his breath on my wet hairless pussy. It didn't take long like that and he groaned. Then I felt spurts hitting my tits. WHAT a rush. When he finished cumming, I leaned further forward so my ass was in the air and my head in his crotch and said 'Finger me'. I felt his hands on me and then his fingers pressing up my aching hole. DAMN I cummed hard. SOOOOoo hard.

Well, I did it. Now, I know the answer to another question. I WOULD do the whole route... in a heartbeat.



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