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Basketball Bet

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This story is definitely true and I am writing it as I remember it.


When I was 13 a new kid had moved into the neighborhood, he wasn't much younger than I was, shortly after he moved in he had invited all his new neighbors over for his 13th birthday.

I came to the party and many other kids from the neighborhood showed up but most of them did not bring a gift and just ate as much food as they could and left.

I might have done the same but my mother came with me and insisted that I bring a gift and stay at the party. To make a long story short because I had bought him a gift and stayed until the end of the party I became friends with this new kid, 'Calvin'. If it matters Calvin was middle eastern mixed with caucasian.

Calvin was very athletic, very lean and was a good looking kid to say the least (even now he is very handsome). Calvin's idea of a good time was going to the park and playing pick-up basketball games against older teenagers and young adults and he always impressed them.

Even though I was not nearly as athletic as Calvin and much more 'geeky' we remained good friends even when he became popular at school.

One time he asked me if I even knew how to play basketball and I told him that I did and I would bet him a dollar I could beat him at 'around the world'. I was not good at handling a basketball but I was a good player when it came to games like 'around the world' because I could take my time and shoot which I couldn't do in a fast paced game. So we played the first game and although I did well Calvin still beat me and I had to give him the dollar.

Calvin was surprised that I almost beat him and asked if I had anything else to bet and eventually came up with the idea that the loser would have to literally kiss the winner's butt.

I was not grossed out by that possibility like most 13 year old guys would be instead I was hoping that I would see all his private parts. I accepted the challenge and lost the game, due to the fact that Calvin was a better shot than me and that I wanted to see his butt.

We went to his house later and just as the bet required he lowered his pants and exposed his smooth buttocks but unfortunately that was all I could see. I leaned down and slowly pressed my lips to his butt cheek. It felt so strange and erotic at the same time. I was kissing and I suppose I was having too good a time because Calvin said to me something like 'Kiss it, don't french kiss it'.

A few days passed and we played each other in a one on one game but this time at his house on his new basketball hoop set up over the garage. Calvin asked me if I wanted to make a bet on the next game and I agreed, after thinking for a short time Calvin said the loser has to squeeze the winner's nut sack.

Again I was not grossed out but instead excited at the thought of losing.

We played, I lost, and we went into Calvin's room and he stuck his nut sack out of the side of his shorts. It was very wrinkly, somewhat darker than the rest of his body, he had one hair on on his otherwise hairless scrotum. Calvin stood their holding his balls and I was breathing so hard as I put my hand out and rubbed his sack. I continued squeezing for longer than I had to but Calvin did not say anything so I reached into his shorts and got his dick out.

It was much thicker than mine but about the same length, around five inches, he was not circumcised like I was. I tugged his foreskin back and forth over the head of his penis a few times and continued fondling him.

He pulled his shorts down and now I had a complete view of his private area. He had a huge bush of black pubic hair but it only covered about half of his mound. I played with his pubic hair and I continued to fondle him until he took over.

Calvin masturbated in front of me until he ejaculated and he caught his cum in his hand and wiped it off with a tissue.

From that day forward we continued to make bets and many times I would just masturbate him regardless of if we had a bet.

It was one sided because most of the time it was only me touching him and not him touching me but I didn't mind.

I learned that when Calvin didn't have a girlfriend he would come to my house because he knew I would do whatever he wanted as far as handling his genitals was concerned and when he did have a girlfriend I wouldn't see him as much.

We did this on and off until we were about 16 and I haven't done anything to him since, so I guess he has a girlfriend and believe it or not so do I.



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