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Follow Up To: Spying on Best Friend

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This is what happened shortly after I secretly saw my friend masturbating through his window.


I had been hot for my friend Bobby ever since I met him but had never had the nerve to make any moves. But after seeing what I saw (Nov/03 story) and learning that he masturbated big time and even liked to come in his own mouth, I knew I had to make it happen between us. About 2 days after the incident (during which I must have beat off ten times remembering what I had witnessed, and fantasizing about what I wanted to do with him and to him) I was over at his house and stayed for a late dinner. Afterwards we went into his bedroom to watch T.V and I mentioned casually that I was tired and didn't feel like walking home. He suggested that I sleep over; I of course agreed right away, all the while beginning to get horny and semi stiff just thinking that tonight was going to be the night of our 12-year-old lives if I could manage to seduce him somehow.

I had no real plan but decided as we were getting ready for bed that I would be sleeping in just my jockey underwear in his large double bed and came up with an idea. He went into the bathroom to get into his PJ bottoms and brush his teeth. When he came out I pretended to have already fallen asleep on the right side of the bed, but I had purposely taken my dick and pulled it slightly out of the side of my briefs so that just the head was showing. It was a hot night and I had only a sheet pulled up to just below my butt. I heard him come into the room and peeked through my closed eyes and noticed that he had turned off the overhead light. But then he turned on his closet light and was standing there, pretending to look for something, all the while looking over at my cock. He then turned off the light and climbed into bed.

As soon as the light went off I quickly reached down and pulled my now stiffening cock out even further. He just lay there on his back, while the moonlight coming through his window illuminated the room enough that I could see him pretty clearly even in the dark. I could see that his eyes were open and he kept looking at my now almost totally exposed cock. After about five agonizing minutes he turned towards me and whispered, 'Are you awake?' I said nothing and didn't move and suddenly I felt him move closer to me and slide himself down the bed slightly, his head now only a foot or less away from my dick. Suddenly I felt my dick being lifted gently from my leg with his soft fingers and he began gently touching and rolling his fingers around the ridge of my dickhead. It was all I could do to not moan or move and I just continued to let him fondle my now fast hardening cock. As it grew he became bolder and began to gently stroke it with his whole hand and after one minute or so of this I heard him moan a little. I couldn't stand it any more and I moved my body closer to his. He was surprised by this and suddenly stopped and pulled away and moved back up on the bed and lay still.

I was peeking and saw that he had removed his PJ bottoms and was lying there with the stiffest, hardest, most beautiful pink cock I had ever seen sticking straight up in the air. At about four inches, it wasn't as big as mine (five inches back then), but was still impressive for his slim, smallish frame. I then whispered to him, 'Can I touch yours too?'

He whispered, 'Oh yeah...' and just rolled sideways towards me and grabbed my rock hard cock and offered me his, which I immediately took into my hand and began to stroke firmly. It felt so good in my hand that I almost came right then.

We each came four more times that night (including once jerking off on each other's cocks while we each told the other about our past fantasies) and spent the next day confessing to each other how much we had both wanted it to happen for a long time. We did lots more cool stuff together after that. I'll continue this another time.



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