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Camping With a Good Friend

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I've loved this site since the proaxis days and I figure it's about time to send in my story.


This happened to me last summer when my friend Kent (he's 19) and I (also 19)went camping out in the middle of nowhere. The two of us almost always masturbate when we go camping but this is one of my favorite times for some reason.

For obvious reasons we usually go camping in the summer and I don't know what it's like where you live, but it's freaking hot in the summer where I live, even at night. Being hot while camping usually results in the two of us getting naked right off the bat to spare ourselves of some of the heat.

We got to the campsite a little before dark and set up camp. We got a small fire going (yes, I know I said it was hot, but I have to have a fire while camping) and sat down (naked) and relaxed. Usually we just sit and shoot the shit for a while before we jack off, and tonight was no exception. After a few hours of talking we were getting to the point that we just needed to get off.

Now, I'm straight, and so is my friend, but neither of us see anything wrong with a little mutual masturbation between buddies.

The both of us started to gently tug and massage our own penises and after a few minutes both of us had raging erections. My penis is nothing special, in fact, it's exactly average in all respects, 6 inches long and 5 inches around. Its not as big as I'd like it to be, but it works well and it could be alot smaller so I won't complain. Kent's penis, on the other hand, is quite a bit bigger. He's not that much longer, about 6.5 I would guess, but his is alot fatter, I don't know how big around, but think of something a little bigger than a paper towel roll.

Anyway, we stood up and started to watch each other rub our hard cocks in the firelight. I was stroking mine and enjoying watching him stroke his. After a few minutes of enjoyment, we started to work out way closer to each other until we were standing side by side. Once we go beside each other, we both stopped for a second and just stared at one another's boners. I couldn't take it anymore, so I asked Kent if I could touch his penis, he said it was ok as long as he could touch mine. So we reached and grabbed each other and started to gently rub. This was my first time touching his penis and it was thrilling. It was so warm and hard and it was so much fatter than mine; I loved having it in my hand. It was also nice to have someone else's hand stroking me too. It's amazing how much different and more exciting it feels when someone else is touching your cock.

The two of us both enjoyed stroking each other for about five more minutes when Kent says that he's going to cum. I let go of his rod and he let go of mine and we went back to masterbation ourselves. After about 10 seconds he lets loose an eruption of cum like I've never seen, spurting it all over the ground in front of him. The site of it really gets me going and I start to cum as soon as he gets finished. I was really excited and I squirted like I haven't done in a long time, shooting hot, white strands all over the place.

Extremely satisfied, we both decide it's time to go to bed. the ground was rocky and hard, but I've never slept better.

I look forward to more camping trips this summer.



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