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At My Friend's Bar Mitzvah

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When I was growing up, I lived in a very Jewish area. So even though I wasn't Jewish, I went to a lot of Bar Mitzvahs in seventh grade when all my Jewish friends turned 13. This story happened at David's Bar Mitzvah which was probably the fifth I had ever been to.

David was more religious than most of my other friends so his ceremony was longer than most I had been to. This led me to getting really bored. I was sitting with a couple of my friends, most of whom were not Jewish, and we began talking about the really hot girls Dave had invited who were sitting just a couple rows away. I started to get really horny, so I figured I'd wonder and maybe go to the bathroom to jack off. I got up by myself and left. After a minute of wondering, I found the bathroom. As I stood in front of one of the urinals peeing, I continued to think about one of the girls we had been talking about and, being 13, my dick started to get hard. Once I was done peeing, I started to rub it, almost not realizing it until I heard the door open. I tried to stuff my boner into my pants as someone walked up to the urinal next to me. It was my friend, Will. I guess he saw my dick because he made some crack about interupting something. I was pretty embarrassed. He said not to worry about it because he needs to jerk off too.

As he peed, it was obvious he was stroking his member. Once he finished, he suggested that we go into the big, handicap accessible stall for some privacy, and I agreed. We got in there and dropped our pants. We admired each other's cocks, both of which had very little hair but were approximately a full six inches hard. He said: 'Let's make this quick or else the guys'll get suspicious.' We stood there with our slacks on the ground, beating our meat in close proximity for about five minutes, staring at each other, until he grunted that he was gonna blow. He quickly turned toward the toilet to cum, but he missed the bowl. He just got every inch of the toilet other than the part that could actually flush away the evidence. As he turned around, I could see his still hard, cum covered cock bouncing up and down. This made me cum immediately, without warning, and I began to shoot toward him (accidentally). By the time I was done, my cum was on the floor, his slacks, his shoes, his legs, and his tie! I quickly grabbed paper towels to clean up, especially his tie which I felt really bad about.

Once we were done cleaning, we left the bathroom and went back to the ceremony. Somebody mentioned his tie was stained at the party but by that time he could say it was food, not another boy's jizz.



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