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Me and Brad

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This is the story about my first time with another person. I had only just discovered masturbation and the summer holidays had just begun. Little did I know just how much I would learn that summer. Brad and I were the best of friends. We were so close people would jokingly say we were married and stuff like that. We used to hang out all the time and just play video games, kick a ball around or, what was my favourite activity, go to the beach. One hot day in the middle of summer, Brad and I headed down the beach to meet some friends. When we got there we headed to the change-rooms to get our boardies on. As he took off his shirt I glanced over and admired, as I usually did, but this time I was sprung. 'Enjoying the show?' Brad asked in a half mocking, half teasing sort of way. 'I was just zoned out' I kinda muttered in reply. The joking continued and he would tease me by lowering his boardies slightly and then he started to tap me on the ass when he walked by. This continued for most of the time we were at the beach. Eventually we all got tired and decided to call it a day. Brad rang his mum to come pick us up. I was staying at his place that night. His mum arrived with his big brother in the car (she was dropping him at work) so we both jumped in the back. After about a minute I felt Brad's hand on my knee. I looked over and pushed it off. He just smiled in a 'I know you love it kind of way' and I did. This happened a few more times until one time I didn't move his hand away. It creeped higher and closer to my package. By now I was hard and it was kind of evident and he started to mock me with hand signals. So I decided it was my turn to tease him. I put my hand on his knee and started to work my way up. He got hard very quickly and so I returned the mocking. The whole time we thought his mum had no idea but looking back I think she must of. We arrived home at about six in the evening and had our showers. We decided to watch a movie and so went to the upstairs lounge room of his house. Brad put a movie on and grabbed the blanket off his bed. He put it over us both and we started to watch. Not very long in I felt his hand on my knee again and again it began to get closer and closer to my dick. Soon his hand was brushing against my hard on and then he placed his hand on top of it. He groped and felt with the clumsiness that comes with being a nervous 14 year old boy. I then moved his hand aside and did the same to hie. After a short while I undid his shorts and reached into his boxers. I took a grip of his dick and gave it a few strokes. Then he stopped me, stood up and took off his shorts. There stood at attention was his dick. It was slightly longer than mine and he had more pubes than me too. He motioned me to do the same and I complied. So there we were, two naked 14 year old boys, rock hard, just staring at each other. Then he laughed. And laughed. And so I started laughing. Then we sat back down and immediately grabbed each others dicks. We began stroking and within two minutes he blew the biggest load I had seen up to that day. This pushed me over the edge and I came too but not as much as Brad. 'That was fun' he said with a massive smile on his face. I nodded my agreement, still in the afterglow of my first orgasm at the hands of another. That night we fell asleep there on his couch, under his blanket, my head on his chest with his arm around me. It was an absolutely amazing day. We had similar encounters all summer and even into the next school year before he found a girlfriend for the next summer.



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