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Married Masturbation Buddy - 2

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Married masturbation buddy comes again!

I felt butterflies tingle in my stomach when I got the message from him that he wanted to hook up again the other weekend. The deliciousness of a married man trusting me to explore his bisexuality with is such a turn on.


He arrived fresh from his job, so he requested to use the shower. After a few minutes in there, I knocked on the door to check if everything was ok.



“Can I show you something?” I ventured. He nodded, a little shy, but his erection gave away his true feelings.



I grabbed the shower head and aimed it at his balls, increasing the strength of the jets of water a little to the level that I usually use for this purpose.



“Just lean back against the wall and enjoy this, I won’t do anything you don’t like,” I encouraged.



I could tell that the water focused on his balls was having the desired effect. His erection was ever so slightly jerking and spasming, and his cock was definitely getting much harder than before. I used exactly the same technique I use on myself.



“You can touch yourself if you like.”



He reached down to hold his engorged cock. It was surely beautiful. His cockhead almost purple with the hot blood racing there. His hand just gripped his cock tightly as he leaned back and enjoyed the water on his balls. But that was just the start.



As his hand slowly moved up and down the length of his rock hard cock, I moved the water to focus on his frenulum, that deliciously sensitive area behind the cockhead that will make me cum hands-free any time.



When the water made contact there, his hand stayed low and he kept his cock still so that the water intensity was pinpoint focused on that sensitive spot.



“Oh fuck, that is so fucking good,” he moaned, eyes closed.



His cockhead now was so big and purple, his hand was just holding his cock and balls together.



“I want you to cum like this,” I whispered.



And within seconds his cock was spasming, his legs were shaking, his stomach was fluttering, and his warm cum was jetting up onto his stomach.



“Oh ffuuuuuck.”



He took some time to recover from that, and I left and retired to the living room and let him finish washing by himself.



I thought that he would want top leave after that, which made me a little annoyed that I had let our session peak so early, but in fact, he came in wearing a towel and sat down across from me drying his hair. He looked like he wanted to stay for more!



“So, how was that?” I asked.



“Amazing,” he finally said, flopping back onto his couch.



“You… want to talk? Or …” I wondered.



“Yeah, I wanted to tell you that last weekend as I fucked my wife, I kept thinking about what we did here before that, and to tell you the truth, it made me cum so hard. I was unbelievably horny thinking about what we did, and what you were saying.”



“Wow,” I stammered, not expecting this, “does she know you are curious about guys?”



“Not yet, but I’m thinking about hinting at it sometime,” he admitted.


Now this was getting interesting.


“She would be into it?”



“I think so…” he said, with a hopeful glint in his eye.



Looking at him reclining in the couch opposite me, with the towel loosely draped over his lap, in a post-cum state, I wondered if he was up for some more play.



“You still horny?” I asked.



“Always,” he whispered.



“Wanna watch me love myself?” I asked as I stood up and started to undress.



“Oh yes…” he moaned as I noticed a little movement under his towel where his cock was getting hard again!



Naked, I went and dimmed the lights down so that it was sexy dark, then got back on my couch facing him, on my knees. Those butterflies in my tummy were going nuts as I thought ‘holy shit, I get to make love with myself with a hot married guy as my audience!’



My hands gently caressed my body, not absent-mindedly, but knowingly. The instinctively knew where to go, how to touch, how long to caress. I could hear him mumble something like ‘Fuck yes’ as his towel slipped onto the floor.



It had been so long since I had done this with someone, and I was really enjoying myself, literally. I was so fucking horny as I caressed my bubble butt, reached behind and pulled my balls, watching my cock stretching downwards, then releasing it and watching the precum flick off.



I caressed my hips, my stomach, reaching my nipples, my horny, hard nipples. I twisted and pulled those hard little fuckers so hard it was at times a little painful, but he was really getting off on it.



“Oh fuck yeah, pull your nipples hard,” he whispered. And of course I did, I love my nipples, and having someone encouraging me to love them is the biggest turn on. My precum was dripping onto the couch, and I could see him looking at my rock hard cock, jutting out from my nakedness.


“You wanna touch it?” I whispered.


“Can I?” he returned.



“Please. Feel what another man’s hard cock feels like in your hand,” I quivered, as my nipple loving was getting intense and I was so fucking turned on.



He came over, sat next to me, his face at my nipple level. He was looking down at my beautiful cock and finally I could feel his warm hand gently wrap around it. I nearly exploded then and there! Having an inexperienced man touch you for the first time is so fucking hot!



“How does it feel? Touching another hard cock?”



“If feels… really good,” he whispered, “you are so hard!”



I moaned my pleasure, and lightly began moving my hips back and forth, so that my precum was now inside his hand and he could use it as a lube. He soon caught on, and he began masturbating my aching cock, twisting his hand around, slowly, quickly, enjoying the feel of another man’s cock.



“Play with my balls too,” I whispered. And with his free hand, he began pulling and kneading them. I was in heaven!



“I want to cum on my face,” I whispered. At that, he let go and I lay down on the fluffy rug and threw my legs up over my head. He caught on again, and got into a position where he could masturbate my throbbing cock and balls.



“Make me cum please,” I begged.



He started to quickly pump my cock, the slurping noises of my precum in his fist were so naughty. I could feel his other hand exploring my balls, squeezing them, pulling them, and at some point his fingers were even circling around my exposed anus.



“Oh yes, touch me there too,” I begged.



His fingers sensitively explored my anus, not entering, but teasing, touching, caressing… so fucking good!



“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”



My body tensed as I exploded ropes of hot cum all over my face, into my mouth, down my neck. I think he was surprised at how intense my orgasm was.



I used his towel to clean up my face, and lay on the floor for some time, panting. He too lay on the floor next to me, his own hard cock in his hands. His bottom was lifting off the floor as he pushed his cock into his fists, using my cum as his own lube. Fuck, he is amazing, I thought. He really wanted to cum after all that, and who could blame him!



I got up, positioned myself so that I could play with both his nipples. His nipples are bigger than mine, and harder, and so fucking hot to play with. And he loved it. Watching him pump his hard cock while I pulled and twisted his hot nipples was so fucking beautiful, and it wasn’t long before he announced his own orgasm.



“Mmmmm, oh, fuck,” he moaned as he looked up to watch his warm cum shoot out onto his stomach, for the second time in an hour!



After a while of recovering, we both got up and showered separately. He said he had to get going, but definitely wanted to come back again.



“You are welcome here any time at all,” I told him as he slipped out the door.





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