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Anal? What?s The Big Deal?

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Ask any girl about her first time with vaginal sex and she’ll tell you it’s a big deal. You are exposed, at your most vulnerable, and don’t let any girl tell you she wasn’t scared out of her mind. We worry about are we going to be able to accept a cock in there….do I ‘look’ ok….do I smell ok….to I taste ok….then there’s the ‘what ifs.’ What if I get pregnant? What if I catch something? What if mum finds out? 

All this…and that’s for straight sex! 


But anal….well, that’s another bridge to cross. First of all, it can be considered ‘perverted’ to have anal sex, and to some extent, maybe it might be considered so. Ah, but then again, maybe that’s part of the attraction. 



It can hurt. Yes, that’s true, even if you’ve used half the contents of an oil tanker as lube, there’s still th e stretching to accommodate. So yes, it can hurt. Ah, but maybe that’s part of the attraction too? 



It certainly feels totally different to vaginal sex, that’s for certain. To me, anyway, it does feel kinky/dirty/perverted/painful….all of which makes me love it. 



To partners who’ve done it with me, they have said, totally independently of one another things that distill down to this amalgamation. “Having a nice, clean, well-brought-up, educated girl do something so…dirty….is one of the biggest turn ins in the world.’ For which I am most grateful. 



See, there’s that opposite again that seems such a huge part of sex. Nice girl - being dirty.



Someone I knew from school is getting married this afternoon - the full on, bells ‘n’ smells Catholic nuptial mass. She and her bridegroom have been taking marriage classes with the priest for the better part of six months now, and this afternoon, she walked down the middle aisle, dressed in a white gown that I have no doubt she’s entitled to wear. Afterwards, there will be the formal wedding breakfast, followed, eventually, by them ‘going away’. And tonight, this model of virginity will fuck her brains out. Now tell me that isn’t an opposite-and-a-half! 



You can bet your life the priest won’t have instructed either of them in wedding night sex. “Now, my son, remember to finger her gently for ages. She will take much longer to become aroused than you will. And you, my daughter, try sucking his cock for him. Maybe make him cum in your mouth first - he will be less urgent and it will hurt less.” Nope. I can’t see that coming out of a priest's mouth! 



The ‘instruction’ is all about the sanctity of marriage, and that it’s for life! 



I lived in the village (briefly) while waiting to purchase my farmhouse (which I miss desperately). Over the road lived a girl we shall call Jackie. She lived with her boyfriend and they decided to get married. Oh, not Catholic mass for them - mainly because the priest refused them - so register office it was. Her boyfriend left the day before, giving her the wedding morning to dress up, and Jackie asked me to take some photos of the evolution into ‘bride of the day’. I’m quite good with a camera! 



So, I part still-shot, part videoed her as she got ready, including a few cheeky/naughty shots for her boyfriend for later. Then, when resplendent in stockings, garter, g-string panties and wedding dress, she said to me, "I can’t do it like this. Look at me!” She lifted her dress up and even before I saw, I could smell her arousal. She was absolutely soaked through! Of course, I advised a pre-emptory  wank. (Well…I would.) Fortunately for me, she peeled her soaked panties off and hitching her dress up, dashed upstairs. And yes, I made good use of her undies while she was up there. I advised her to wear nothing under her dress which she thought was a great idea. Furthermore, I suggested that she told her boyfriend as soon as she could that she was naked under her dress and that she’d had to masturbate before the ceremony. 



Anal sex, for me, is not something I do often, or with just anyone. Allan has only had me that way four times, yet we fuck without fail three or four times a week. Anal, for me, is a special thing to give, and also a special thing to receive. Some men shy away from it. I have offered it a few times before and have been turned down. (Killed the moment stone dead, actually). 



I am curious, though. Could I take a guy in both holes simultaneously, and, if so, would it actually feel good, or is it just something you see now and then in porn? If it doesn’t feel good - for everyone involved, then what’s the point? Personally, I can’t see that both guys wouldn’t be aware of each other’s cocks. They must be able to feel the other person to some extent. And what about ball sacks? The guy ‘on top’ must dangle down on the guy underneath? (If you’ve had experience of this, please let me know.) 



To end with, I would like to share this. I have had threesomes with two guys, and the most interesting thing emerged. While both men were 100% heterosexual, it just happened that there was some touching between them. One guy guided the other’s cock into me, and later there was the first guy shooting his cum over both me and the other guy - and it seemed to spur the guy who was screwing me at the time on to greater efforts! 



So, gentlemen - what’s the combined feeling out there? Anal (with a girl). Something devoutly to be wished, or something that would kill the moment stone dead? If it’s something you like, what, especially, is it that you like about it? 



Answers on a postcard please. 




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