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Lunch With Jessica

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It wasn't really lunch but I did get to eat a delicious "taco"

This all happened the other day while I was at work. 



*ding* it's a text from Jess; NO, it's a video of her rolling her nipples between her fingers




"Don't start that shit."



*ding*  "Do you want to suck them?"



"Damn it, stop. I'm trying to work."



*ding* now it's a video of her running her fingers through her slit and bringing them to her mouth



"Damn you, you're making me wet."



*ding* "It's really good; you want to taste?"



So I sneak my phone under my desk, take a picture of my fingers buried to the knuckles, and send it to her.



*ding*  "Damn, can I come hide under your desk and bury my face in there."



"OK bitch, pick me up in an hour for "lunch," I respond.



Several other messages were exchanged over the next hour.



Finally, Jess texts me and lets me know she's here. When I get in her car, she is wearing a tube top, a denim skirt that she has pulled up around her waist so that her bare ass is on her car seat, no panties, and she has her left foot planted flat in the seat with her. 



She backs out and starts to drive off but has to stop because I reach over, pull her top down, and as I start to suck on her nipple, I run my hand between her legs to her hot, damp hole. 



She moans softly and says, "You're going to have to stop that, or we're going to crash."



"Well, after all the damn teasing you've done to me in the last hour or so, you deserved that," I said



"Just sit there and try to behave yourself until we get there," she snaps back as she pulls her top back up. 



"Where are we going?" I ask



"You'll find out soon enough," she answered.



She pulls into a parking spot at Macy's and turns the car off. 



"What are you doing?" I frustratingly ask



"Just come with me," she says as she gets out of the car.



I get out and follow her in the store. She stops at a clothing rack, picks up two outfits, hands me one, and says, "Let's go try these on," giving me a devilish smile.



As soon as we walk into the changing room, she closes the door, hangs the outfits up, pushes me against the wall, runs her hand up under my dress, and whispers in my ear, "Remember you have to be quiet in here," as she penetrates her finger inside me massaging my g spot.



I wanted to moan out loud so bad but had to suppress it. 



We strip each other's clothes off, and Jess goes back to working her fingers inside me as we passionately kiss while I massage her ass cheek in one hand and her nipple in the other.



Jess sits on the bench and signals me to sit on her lap. She has me sit facing away from her, and she wraps her arms around me, massaging my clit in circles with one hand and pinching my nipples with the other while kissing my neck. 



It's taking everything I have so as not to cry out in passion. 



"Remember, you can't be noisy, or everyone will hear," she whispers in my ear. "I know you want to cry out. I bet if I got down on my hands and knees and sucked your clit or tongue fuck you, I could make you scream out."



"Oh my God, please stop," I quietly beg,  "you're making it even harder to be quiet."



"Moan my name, go ahead, you know you want to," she teases as she takes her hand off my breasts and slides two fingers inside me, massaging my g spot while frantically rubbing my clit



"You bitch" I shakingly say as I feel my orgasm approaching. As my orgasm starts, I have to shove my fist in my mouth and bite down to suppress my moans. 



After coming down from the earthquake that just rolled through me, I turned around and whispered in her ear, "Your turn now; good luck."



I drop to my knees, suck a nipple in my mouth, and bite down while sucking at the same time (I know this drives her absolutely crazy) 



She immediately covers her mouth with her hand as a small moan escapes her lips. 



"Fuck me," she nervously whispers.



I drop down between her legs, tease her clit a little before slipping two fingers in her dripping wet love hole and start working her g spot. 



Jess closes her eyes and rolls her head back against the wall while she inhales deeply. 



I then lean down and flick my tongue over her rock-hard bean several times before sucking it between my lips, still running my tongue over it. 



Again, she covers her mouth with both hands, this time as a light moan escapes her again. 



She starts bouncing her feet off the ground, trying to suppress her moans. 



I can feel her starting to clamp down on my face, and I know she's getting close. 



As her orgasm hits, a loud "FUCCCK" escapes her mouth.



We laugh hysterically as we get dressed as quickly as possible and exit the store. 



When we get to the car, I ask her, "What the hell were you thinking."



While laughing at me, she says, "You know you liked it, so don't judge me."



"Oh, I agree it was fun as hell and very risky, but damn girl," I tease back. 



Driving back to my office, I try to straighten myself up as best I can.  



"Just remember, paybacks are hell," I remind her as I kiss her goodbye and go back to work.







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