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Alison Masturbates

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Watching my sister.

Even now, after all we’ve done together, there is a shyness about her. She has, it’s true, asked me to just sit and watch her as she pleasures herself, but there’s an innocence about her that borders on the virginal. 


It was after our love making, as I enveloped her in my arms that she had said, “Anna….I…I’d really like you to….watch me, just sit, quietly, and watch me.” She went silent. Then, “I often masturbate to the thought of someone watching me do it. I’d like it to be you.” Well, how could I decline? Such an innocent act, and this from a girl who, only a few minutes ago had held my head between her legs in the shower as she peed on me, and who, some minutes before that, in a reverse position, had dug her nails into my bum, demanding, “Piss on me, cunt.” Yet now, this soft, delicate wish. 



I held no doubts as to what it cost her to ask me this. Alison keeps her fantasies under lock and key, even from me, and to share this one with me was an act of supreme trust. 



And so, three days later……



Even though it was lockdown, we’d all decided that we should be able to have time alone, and we’d agreed where our personal ‘alone place’ would be. We had written possible places on paper - and given the sheer size of the home and grounds, there were many - and we would choose an indoor place and an outdoor place. My outdoor place was the old pool complex. The now drained pool, its plant room, sauna, changing room was all mine. 



So, it was a surprise to find Alison there when I walked through the box hedge arch. I knew. Instantly I knew that this would be the time. 



She had made a small ‘den’ in the empty pool, a couple of sun loungers in the shallow end, and this would be where I would make myself comfortable and, quite simply, watch her. No words were exchanged, and yet the rules were clearly understood by us both. There would be no touching, not even, no especially  not me touching myself. My role here was simply to watch. Alison could do whatever she wished, 



And so…..



She backed away from me.. Slowly, she unbuttons her shirt. Button by button, slowly exposing the white soft cotton bra beneath. She undies the cuffs and her shirt falls off her backwards. The upper half of her body turns sideways and she looks down at the clasp of her blue, pleated skirt. That act alone makes me shiver for the innocence in it. Her skirt unwraps in Tesla and it falls to the ground revealing a pair of green panties. She steeples back onto her lounger. 



For a moment, she is still. I watch her breathing, and note my heart is racing. Slowly. She slips a bra strap over her shoulders. Then the other, then she sits forward, unclasps it and it joins the rest of her clothes on the floor. My brain reminds me of countless locker room scenes. Admittedly girls change rapidly in there, but this seems to be in slow motion. The sexual thoughts I have inthe hurried tempo of the locker room now have all the time in the world.



She leans back, hitches her feet to almost her bum and her knees flop aside. Oh my God! She is wet! I mean..amazingly wet! Part of me wonders if she has already rubbed one out today, but as soon as the thought forms, I dismiss it. No. Of course she hasn’t. Nonetheless….her panties are visibly wet. 



Ali’s hand slips under the waistband and I see the material begin to move in circles. I know her middle finger is circling her clit and her nipples look almost painful in their hardness.



Her left hand pulled the crotch aside and I see her glistening, swollen labia. I defy anyone, straight or gay, male or female to not want to dive between her legs right now and partake of her nectar. As this thought races through my head, she seems to push down a little and a pearlescent drop of milky-white liquid forms at her entrance and begins to slowly track down, over her labia.



Even Miss Brain is silent now. 



Ali gently raises her bum, slips her panties down and off, but as she settles herself again, she pulls her bum cheeks wide apart…almost painfully wide, and exposes the soft, puckered flesh of her secret hole. Again there is an almost holy stillness. Another ‘push’ and another pearl leaves her. This time, I get to watch as. With tantalising and exquisite slowness it rolls down and kisses her bum hole. I swear, I can almost feel it kiss mine! 



And now the fingers of both hands join in a symphony of self-pleasure. Her eyes are closed, her head to one side. Right hand to her clit, left hand fingers inside her. Both gently moving. At least for now.



The increase in movements is barely perceptible, and yet now, it seems to me as if her left hand is no longer massaging her vagina. There’s a sharpness to the trusts. Ali’s brown is furrowed, and her head moves from side to side. Her mouth moves, and then I hear, “No…please…” a deeper thrust of her left hand first and middle finger. “No…I…..I don’t want…”



With great dexterity, the fourth finger of her left hand now enters her bum. “No. I don’t like it like that…it’s …perverse.” 



For the briefest second, I allow myself to perform a quick body scan. I am drenched! This is way beyond ‘being wet’. This is a panty disaster of some magnitude. My brief self-awareness also discovers that my clit is pulsating wildly, long passed a mere tingle or throb. If I;m not a]careful, I could orgasm without even touching myself. 



Ali is now fucking herself hard, both vaginally and anally…her lips though, have moved into obscenity. “You fucker……screw me then…..fucking rape me……spunk up me…” 



Her head snaps forward and then right back. Her mouth opens in a perfect ‘O’ and I watch as my sister orgasms violently. 



It’s only afterwards as she’s coming down that I feel and hear the tickle between my own legs. I have wet my panties and a stream is rolling guiltily towards the deep end of the pool. Have I orgasmed too? Again I permit a brief self-scan and find I am still convulsing.



Afterwards, Ali tells me she often has violent masturbatory fantasies. “I think, perhaps, one day I’d like two men to take me in both holes at the same time - whether I wanted them to or not. It would be…..nice.”



Ali, quiet would that she is, is perfectly capable of defending herself. In fact, truth to tell, our instructors said she is more proficient than I am. She actually put one of them in hospital for a couple of days.



You have no idea how much I wanted to have sex with her there and then. Ali, of course, knew this. She put her shirt and skirt back on, but left her bra and panties with me. 



That afternoon, I had a wank-fest the likes of which are rarely seen. 



Believe me, if someone asks you to watch them masturbate, they are offering you a gift of tremendous value. They’re not doing it to tease you…it is, in fact, a statement of great trust. 



Also, for the wise, it’s an opportunity to learn what they like. I was able to incorporate vaginal and anal penetration into sex with Ali. Fantasies are different though. It’s unwise to pick up on someone’s fantasies and then assume it’s ok to use them in tole play. Fantasies are, after all, private. The fact you may know one of someone’s fantasies doesn’t give you permission to use it. I have some masturbatory fantasies, known to only two people in the world, that I would feel utterly betrayed if they tried to live them out with me.



So, there we are….the day Ali asked me to watch. 




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