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After the Beach

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After the Beach by Oleeb
It's a hot summer day. We had gone to the shore early, spent several hoursthere and were back at the apartment by early afternoon. On the way back inthe car she comments that I could hardly keep my eyes off the chick in thetiny bikini and big breasts. "You didn't think you could hide your hard onfrom me did you?", she said playfully. "That obvious, huh?" was my onlyresponse. She giggled and made an observation about males being "visuallyoriented" and added that she guessed that's why I liked to watch x-ratedvideos, but that she still didn't see how that could be a turn on. "Why don'tyou watch one," I said, "you might be pleasantly surprised at how 'visuallyoriented' you are." Of course I knew she would never do this, but I figuredsuggesting it couldn't hurt.
When we got home I headed for the shower to wash off the salt and sand. I washorny from being at the beach and seeing all that skin so I took my time andwhen I soaped up my cock I started getting hard. I took my cock in hand andgave it a few long, slow strokes but then rinsed off without cumming, hoping Iwould be getting some later that day. Still semi-hard I toweled off andheaded into the bedroom to get dressed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw herin the living room watching the tube. I slipped on my underwear and walkedinto the living room. The entrance is behind the couch where she was sitting.
She didn't notice I was there at first because of her intense focus on the tvscreen. To my surprise she had found one of my porn tapes and popped it inthe vcr. This was intriguing to me so I just watched for a bit without sayinganything. A very good looking woman was giving head to a guy with a cockabout 10 inches long and playing with his balls. My girlfriend's breathing, Inoticed, was a little heavy and she seemed to be a bit tense. The woman inthe video was on her knees now energetically sucking cock and the camera anglewidened to reveal another woman with a very hot body coming into the picture.As the first woman sucked away, the second woman moved in behind her, put herhand on her pussy and began to masturbate her while also massaging her ownbreasts and watching the man get the blow job of his life.
It was at that point my girlfriend let out a long sigh and her legs spread. Idecided I'd best make my presence known as her hand moved to her own crotch.She began to caress her pussy while she still had her swimsuit bottom on.Then she noticed me and was a bit startled and embarassed. I said, "that'sokay honey, go ahead," and I sat down on the couch myself.
My girlfriend looked over at me and fixed her gaze on my now very hard cockbulging in my underwear. I noticed she stopped rubbing her pussy so as shelooked at me I moved my left hand toward my cock and slipped it under mybriefs. "Go on", I urged her as I began to very slowly stroke my hard shaft.This was all the encouragement she needed and then quickly slipped her handbeneath her suit to touch her moist pussy. The action on the screen wasmoving toward the inevitable come shot so I slipped off my underwear to getthe best grip I could on my cock. This was one of my favorite videos. Shefollowed my lead and also took off the t-shirt she was wearing and the top ofher swimsuit. There we were, both naked and masturbating to a very hot porntape. I was in heaven. I never thought she would even watch one of thesemovies let alone masturbate with me as she watched it.
She was furiously fingering herself with her right hand and began playing withher nipples with her left. She has very light skin so her tan lines were veryevident . Tan lines really turn me on and so the focus of my attention nowwas her and the show she was putting on for me. I turned toward my girl onthe couch and watched as her hands caressed every part of her body and herfingers glistened with her pussy juices. She now had two fingers in herself,moving in and out swiftly. She had sort of half slid down the couch as shegot hotter and hotter. Her wide hips and gorgeously full ass were nowsuspended in the air as her pelvic area twitched and pressed skyward. Hermoans were growing in both intensity and rythym as the man in the video pulledhis dick out of the woman's mouth and came on her face and tits. Mygirlfriend was getting close now I could tell.
Meanwhile, my fingers and hand were almost coated in precum. This lubricationmade my cock very slick and the feelings intensified. I had to slow down abit because I didn't want to come before she did. With my right hand I beganplaying with my balls. She now was trying to thrust one of her tits in herown mouth so she could suck it herself. Her tits were big enough to allow herto lick her nipples and suck for a short while. Her hand then left her breastto join the other down between her legs. I had never seen a woman masturbatewith such energy and certainly not with both hands! I was so close to comingthat my legs started to twitch so I stopped stroking to delay my orgasm justawhile longer as I focused my attention on her imminent orgasm.
Long low moans were coming from my girl's full red lips now. I could see theorgasm building down in her pussy and emanating upward through her body.Waves of pleasure coursed through her body and she began almost to yell outAhhhhh!, Ahhhhhh!, AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh! She shook like I had never seen her dobefore as her body moved involuntarily with pleasure. Then her orgasm beganto recede and her now sweating body sank to the floor. She sighed as her assreached the carpet. Her eyes closed in ecstasy, she savored the glow for amoment.
This was such a hot scene I could no longer hold back and started stroking myvery hard shaft more vigorously. I had never been this hard before and itfelt sooo good. I knew I wouldn't last much longer and then my girlfriendopened her eyes to see me jacking off with abandon while I stared at her titsand shapely body. She then hopped back up on the couch and faced me with herlegs wide open. I could she her shining pussy in all its engorged beauty.The closely trimmed hair on her pussy was wet and extremely arousing. Shegrabbed both her tits and began massaging them for me. She knew she wasdriving me wild and said, "come on my tits baby". I didn't need to be askedtwice and so I moved toward her with one knee on the couch and one foot on thefloor. I kept stroking my meat as I got closer to her. She reached out andcupped my hairy balls in her hand as I began jacking myself faster. I justhad to come now. I couldn't take it any longer. She moved her hand off myballs and back to her wet pussy shoving her middle finger deep into her body.A couple of strokes later her hand came back up toward my balls lightlygrazing them but moving behind them. She took her slick middle finger andgently stuck it in my ass as I relaxed my back door muscles to let her in.She had never put her finger in my ass before. It immediately intensifiedeverything I was feeling. That was it, my orgasm was burning in my cock andthat glorious feeling swept over me from head to toe. It felt like a bolt oflightening shot out of my cockhead when the first spurt of cum was released.I came with such force my come was nowhere near her tits. She saw this comingand had begun moving closer to my cock with her mouth open. Come splatteredon her face, in her hair, and on her tongue as she urged me on with her moans.I was shaking with pleasure and kept jacking off until every drop had come outof me. Cum was everywhere. On my hand, her tits, belly, shoulders. Sherubbed some of the come into her skin and then put a dollop on her fingeroffering it to me. Her finger moved into my mouth and I eagerly closed aroundit and tasted my own semen while she licked some of my load off her lips andinto her own mouth. She smiled wickedly and said, "Baby, why haven't we donethis before?" We both chuckled knowing that from now on this would certainlybe a regular part of our sex play. We collapsed in eachothers arms and heldone another there on the couch spooning for a few minutes before she guided mystill hard cock into her hot pussy from the rear which was just a taste of therest of that afternoon.



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