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Japanese Love Motel

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Japanese Love Motel by Anonymous
One of the hottest masturbation experiences I ever had was with anex-girlfriend in Hokkadio named Shoko. Shoko was kinda short, even for a Japanesegirl, but she had a fun curvy figure. She also seemed more mature than otherJapanese girls, except for when she laughed or was having sex. Then, her voicewould take on a higher pitch making her sound barely 12 years old. But it wascute (she was actually about 5 years older than me). She had short black hair anda very wide smile that used to light up her whole face.
Anyway, we were on a 3-day vacation in Sapporo, spending each night in adifferent love hotel. The love hotels of Japan are kind of like cheap motels backin the States where people go just to have sex ... only in Japan they're kind ofsleazier AND classier, both at the same time. Everybody knows what they're allabout, so instead of trying to pretend otherwise they play it up to the hilt.Naturally, we'd been fucking each other silly the first two nights, and by thethird Shoko was getting a bit tired. I don't know that there's really any truthto the stereotype of Western men having bigger dicks, but Shoko WAS very tight -tightest woman I've ever had - and too much straight intercourse tended to makeher quite sore. This was never much of a problem for us, though, 'cause we bothenjoyed the "time-off" it gave us to fool around in other ways. The third nightof our vacation was one of those nights.
We'd started out laying naked together in bed, drinking champagne andwatching a porno movie with all the lights on in the room. The dark is alwaysfun, but once in a while we liked showing EVERYTHING off in broad daylight, so tospeak. In minutes, my dick was standing straight up. While still watching themovie, Shoko reached over and took it in her hand, stroking gently up and down.She was fairly strong for a girl her size, but she always had the lightest touchwhen jerking me off - probably because she always had a light touch whilemasturbating herself. I wasn't in a particular hurry that night, though, so Ididn't say anything. She began whispering to me - in Japanese - how much sheloved holding my cock, how big it was, how hard and smooth it felt ... and it wasgetting me hotter by the second. I glanced over at her and saw that she had herother hand between her legs, rubbing in small circles at the top of her pussy.
I was totally hot now and felt my cock swell up in her hand. She felt ittoo, 'cause she gasped and looked over.
"Are you going to cum now?" she asked in Japanese.
"Not just yet," I said, "here, let me do it ..." I grasped my dick tightly,stroking it fast up and down. She shifted over so she could see easier, both herhands down now between her spread thighs playing with her pussy. We watched eachother masturbating, telling each other how excited we were, how good it felt, howclose we were getting ... She told me how she used to masturbate as a teen-ager,fantasizing about watching a boy jack off and cum on her; I was telling her how Iused to jerk-off after our first dates together. I reached over with my free handand squeezed her breast, pinching her rock-hard little nipple ... she arched herback and moaned loudly, begging me in Japanese for more.
She was getting closer than I was, so I told her to slow down. I rolled overbetween her legs, kneeling in front of her, looking down at her body. Her righthand was moving quickly, rubbing her clit with her middle finger, while her lefthand massaged the breast I'd just been touching. Looking down between her legs,she watched me holding my cock, gripping it tightly and starting to stroke againinches away from her swollen pussy.
"Don't put it inside me, please," she breathed out in English, fingeringherself even quicker, "It's too big."
Sometimes, when we were playing around, she would often beg me not to do whatshe really wanted ("Oh, Brer Fox, PLEASE don't throw me in the Briar Patch!") ...but because she often used Japanese I could never tell whether she really meant itor not. This time, though, I got the impression she really meant it. I told herI was almost about to start shooting all over her, and she motioned for me to comecloser. I wasn't sure what she had in mind, but I climbed over her hips till Iwas straddling her stomach, just below her jiggling breasts. With one hand stilltickling her clit, she took my throbbing cock in her fist and started pumping itHARD. I gasped at the sudden rush and felt the beginning of a serious white-hotorgasm building up deep in the base of my cock. I tried to hold back and wait forher, but that only seemed to take me right to the edge faster. My whole body wasbeginning to tremble ...
Just when I felt I couldn't last another second, Shoko's body startedconvulsing under me. She cried out in her little-girl voice and bucked her hipstill the whole bed shook.
"I'm cumming," she cried, "ohh, I'm cumming ..."
With her tight hand still stroking my cock, I began spurting hard across thepillow and all over her face ... Over and over again, like it was never going tostop, shooting my thick white cum into her hair, her closed eyes, her open mouth,down her chin ... From beginning to end I felt her writhing in exctasy beneathme as I kept spurting all over her. It felt like nothing I'd ever done before,and when my dick finally stopped spasming I fell back exhausted on the bedalongside her.
We lay together like that for a bit not saying anything, just listening toeach other catching our breath. Her body still felt almost firey hot and we wereboth slick with sweat. My cum glistened on her face and I watched as she lickedher lips and reached up to touch it. One hand lingered between her legs, though,and I noticed that she was lightly caressing herself. Her breathing suddenlybegan to pick up again.
"I think ... oh, I think I can cum again ..." she whispered in Japanese, hereyes still tight shut and covered with my cum.
I couldn't believe I could be so exhausted and aroused at the same time, butI felt her excitement shoot through me as she began rubbing her clit again, fasterand faster in those tight little circles. She began rotating her hips, buckingslightly till her hand found that perfect rhythm ... she began gasping withpleasure and started to cum. I felt every muscle in her body suddenly tense upand tremble, her legs shaking, till she finally arched her back and groaned hard. "Unngghhhhh ..."



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