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Paying the Price

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Paying the Price by
There was one special time of the month for me before we got a computer. I was the day the new issue of Club magazine came. Not only are the ladies sexy, but it makes no pretense about being anythiing but a jerk off rag... so when I saw it behind the counter at the local Kwik Stop one day after work, it caused a stir in my pants... The friendly Asian lady behind the counter handed it to me before I could ask. I had been going there for years... It's here, she said.. then she waved and gave me a smile that said she knew i would be masturbating myself silly in no time. I couldn't wait to get home, strip naked and jerk off from cover to cover.

My wife, Jane, wasn't home yet, so I went inside and went straight to our bed, got naked and hopped on the bed and started the stroking. I guess I didn't hear her car pull up and maybe I was moaning with self pleasure when she opened to the door. But the next thing I know i hear her voice, Caught ya again! Startled, I looked over to see her standing at the door, arms folded, looking sharp in business dress, offering up a sarcastic grin for her butt-ass naked meat beating husband. she knows about my "hobby" and even tolerates it. I've done it for her on ocassion and been busted red-handed about a dozen times in your three year marriage. She, in fact, often goes at it with the shower massager. Sorry, I said sheepishly, hard 7 inch dick still in hand. It's ok, honey, she said. I know how much you love to jerk off. go ahead and have fun and I'll start supper. thanks, I said, smiling.

So I resumed stroking my pre-cum covered dick as she watched for a moment before leaving. I was on the verge of spurting my load all over when she returned moments later. She started to ask a questoin, but i let out a gasp and gobs of cum started spewing onto a lesbian trio on the pages below. Well, those pages will be stuck together quite tightly now, Jane said, laughing, a teasing sparkle in green eyes. Feel better now? she asked. A little embarrassed, I just nodded and smiled. Hope you saved some for later, she said. (we have a great, sometimes wild sex life). About 10 minutes later, after I was dressed, she kept ribbing me about my jerkoff habit. How many times DID you jerkoff today, she asked. Just that once, I said. You sure that'll be enough for you? I don't know if once a day is enough for someone who loves to jerk off as much as you, she giggled, clearly have fun at my expense.

Hey, I said, I'm not THAT bad. Who are you kidding, honey? she said. You're biggest masturbator in town! Am not, i snapped back, almost childishly. Yeah, right. You just have to have your little jack time. Do not! Huh, I'll bet you couldn't go a week without it. A week without cumming! I said, increduously. No no, honey. We'll have all the sex you want, like always, only you can't masturbate for a week. No problem, I said, confidently. Let's make it $50, she said. From now till this time next Wednesday you keep your hands off yourself. You're on, I said and we shook. (This is true and long before he famous Seinfeld episode. True to her word, we fucked like bunnies that night and again the next morning. Remember, she said as she left for work, no masturbation.

No way, I said and she laughed before kissing me goodbye. The first day went
by without a much, trouble and second was ok, but a little tough. In the shower and in the bathroom, my dick would be sticking up almost pleadingly, a mind of its own. Why aren;t you playing with me? it seemed to say, ritual it had become taken to over the years since I first did it at 12. By Friday, just three lousy days, I was starting to get really edgy. And Jane knew it, too. How hold up, there Buster? she said pinching my cheek. No pun intended. I'm fine, I said, lying like hell. Sure you are, she said knowingly. We fucked that night and again Saturday morning, but i was a wreck anyway. I didn't realize and was a little ashamed to see just how dependent I become on my stroke time. By about 11 a.m., I began to realize I wasn't going to make and made up an errand for her to run so i could cheat. I just needed to masturbate! I'll lie and say I didn't. But she knew the score and wasn't budging. So we stayed around the house together, reading the paper, making small talk. My dick was making a noticable budge in my shorts, begging for the relief only I could give it.

Despite our steady sex life, I HAD to jerk off. I reached my breaking point shortly before 3 oclock, standing in the den, from where I saw the new Club mag sticking out from under the bed through our open bedroom door. It might as well have had horns, like the tempting devil, that whispers your ear, telling you to do it until the angel on the other side saying be good is drowned out. I took a deep sigh and said, Fuck it! What's that honey, she said, sitting on the couch a few feet away. Fuck it, I repeated. You win. Win what? she said. The bet. You win. What!?! she said, herself a little surprised the gig was up so early. It hasn't even been three days and you have to jerk off already? A big grin lighting up her pretty face. Oh well, I stammered. So, if you're going to lose, you have to admit I was right. Go ahead, honey tell me. I can't do it, I said. Can't do what? I can't go a week without jerking off, I said, beyond shame now, only wanting to get at it. I started to strip down right there.

Pay up, she said. I pulled my underwear and shorts off in one fell swoop, now completely naked, my shirt on the floor, my dick throbbing, a gob of precum splashed off the head like a raindrop onto the carpet. I let the underwear drop with the shirt and handed her the shorts. The money's in my wallet in the pocket, i said. She just smiled and giggled, a little bemused at how quickly and completely my resolve not to masturbate had crumbled before her very eyes. the feeling of my hand around my dick was indescribable after three long days, and I let out a moan and began expertly carressing the shaft and spreading the precum along its lenght. It my dick could talk, it would have yelped with excitement like a puppy that hadn't seen its master in a long while. But of course, my dick was the master here. I am just a master bator. A jerkoff junkie. A slave to masturbation. I dropped to my knees right there, forgetting about the mag in the bedroom. It was almost liberating to let her witness the spectacle I was making of myself, a trophy of sorts presented from the loser to the winner. I was sure total embarrassment was going to be the end result of this, but i right now I felt like the winner.

A masturbation addict, a jerkoff artist in all his glory. Watching from her perch on the couch and looking good in her short shorts and tight T-shirt, Jane smiled as she pulled 2 twenties and a ten from my wallet. This is the easiet $50 bucks I've ever won, she mused. Between moans, I said, It just might be the best $50 I ever spent, making a joke at my own expense. She laughed loudly, but her eyes had a tinge of understanding in them for me. I as stroked with my right hand, my left roamed my naked body with abandon, tickling my balls, carressing my thighs and nipples and squeezed my tight butt cheeks. You know, she said, this is the first time I ever really studied your technique, she said. You're good at this. A regular jerkoff artist. Oh, well, having a jerkoff addict for a husband is better than having a cheater, I guess.



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