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A Strange Eroticism

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Is it merely a society convention that makes attractions between family members taboo? Love is simple and knows no bounds.


A story I read here last week struck a chord with me. A girl needing to masturbate and her father not only watching her but helping her. It left some very powerful images in my mind and also made me think about my relationship with my dad. Like the girl in the story, I live alone with my dad and have done since I was 14. My mum died and he has devoted himself to raising me. I must make it clear that he has never at any time made any sexual overture to me. He has never 'let' me catch him masturbating and has never caught me. I cannot claim that he uses my panties either.

The story made me think about how terribly frustrated he must be though. I know that a man has almost constant sexual needs as men produce sperm 24/7, and that this must be dealt with one way or another. I found myself thinking about my dad jacking off. I wondered what he thinks about. He must need some sort of mental image because he has no physical ones. Two nights ago, I decided to ask him about it. At first he didn't want to talk about it, but then I reminded him that he had talked to me about sex when I went through puberty and that he had helped me deal with my irregular periods and had told me about the powerful emotional feelings that would come with it. In the end he said that he doesn't masturbate, but that he does have wet dreams and that they can be very painful as the ejaculation is uncontrolled.

I felt very sorry for him and I asked him if it was time for him to find a woman in his life. He told me that as far as he was concerned, he didn't want to risk losing someone else. He loved mum very much and he couldn't bear to go through that again. So I asked him what he would like, if he could ask for anything he wanted sexually. He thought for a while and finally said that one of the most erotic things for him is looking up a girl's skirt and seeing her panties stretched tight against her. There was an incredible tension in the room and I found that I really wanted to help him so I leaned back in the chair and opened my legs.

My white bikini panties were pulled against me and I just lay my head back and closed my eyes. I could hear him fumbling around and his breathing deepened. Even with my eyes closed, I knew he was masturbating. I felt like I could feel his eyes staring at my crotch and I knew for sure that my clit was throbbing and that I was getting wet. I stretched a bit more and felt my panties begin to slip between the cheeks of my ass. That's when I heard dad groan and the next thing, I felt something hitting my stomach. He had shot his load clear across the room! I waited until I thought he had finished and then looked at him. He was red faced and clearly needed what I had given him. It felt totally right for me to slip my hand down into my panties and, as he watched me, I finished myself into a lovely, earthy cum, with only a few minutes of rubbing.

I went to my room to shower and change. As I took my top off, I saw the large blob of cum he had left there. I ran my fingers through it. It seemed strange and in a way natural. This was the stuff that made me after all.

I stood in the warm water of the shower and thought about what we had done. It was lovely and I would do it again if he wanted to. No question. Would I go further? I mean, would I want to touch him and him to touch me? Yes, I think so. Would I go all the way? Honestly I don't know, but then, I don't know that I wouldn't either.



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