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More Brotherly Encounters

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This has become too exciting for me to make it stop.


About a week or so after standing topless in front of my masturbating brother, he decided to be bold again.

We were home alone on a Saturday afternoon. I had been swimming in the pool while everyone else was away. He came home just as I was getting out of the pool and heading to my room to change. I was wearing a nice, two-piece suit, nothing too revealing, but displayed my body beautifully.

He followed me down the hallway to my room and said, 'What perfect timing.' Such a wicked smirk he had, I knew what he wanted.

I asked him, 'How do you want to go about it this time?'

He said, 'Just stand there, facing your bed.' He sat on my bed in front of me. My nipples were already hard from being wet in the ac. His eyes went there first. He reached up with one hand and tapped each nipple lightly a few times, which just made them harder. Then I watched him as he dropped his pants and boxers, grabbing his erection for a bit. As he stroked it, he used his other hand to pull down the cups of my top. We didn't clarify any rules on touching, but I didn't mind it so far. He cupped and squeezed each breast, tugging on my nipples a bit. Then he lay back on the bed, stroking his dick and staring at my tits.

'Take the top off completely,' he commanded. So I did. Then he asked me to turn around and strip off my bottoms. So I did. Being completely naked facing away from my masturbating brother brought a whole new sense of excitement to all this. I felt way more vulnerable. Then he told me to just stand still. I heard him get up. I felt his hand on my ass. 'Oh, that's nice,' he said. His other hand crept around my stomach and up to my breasts, tweaking my nipples. He then moved around me, brushing his cock against my leg, and sat in the chair in front of me. His eyes went straight to my dirty blonde, full bush. He kept stroking away as he kept staring up and down my body. I kept watching his hand on his erection. I could tell he was close.

He asked if he could touch my pussy. I didn't want him to know how turned on I really was, although it's pretty obvious, I still said no. But I knelt down beside him and placed his hands on my breasts. He squeezed them as he came on his shirt. I let him take time to cool down, let him watch me get dressed. Then he took his clothes and left.

A few days later, we had another encounter, a 'quick touch' as my brother calls it. I was in the living room watching tv. He texted me saying he was masturbating in his room and could use some help. I texted back asking what he needed. His response was 'boob touch'. I went to his room, and sure enough he was jerking away. I just went over to him and lifted my shirt letting my boobs fall out for him to touch. Within seconds he got his orgasm.

I wonder what crazy stuff he'll have me do next.



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