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My Brother & I: A New Level

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Previously my brother and I had only watched each other masturbate. This is the story of the first time things ever went further between us.


This story takes place during the summer when I was 16 and Michael was 17. The first time we ever masturbated together was over Christmas break. At first, we did it together all the time. But after a while we got into a routine of usually getting together two or three times a week. It was just after July 4th and our mom's cousin was getting married in a different state. I was more excited for this family trip than I had been about one in a long time. Michael and I got much closer in the six months between Christmas and this trip. It was almost like when we were children, practically best friends when we were together. However I was not expecting the trip to go quite as it did.

We loaded up the car and headed to where the wedding would be. It was about a 6 hour drive. When we got there, we checked into our hotel. We hadn't taken a trip where we stayed in a hotel since I was probably around 8. We used to all just get one room with two queen sized beds, but since we were older and bigger our parents decided we needed our own beds and got two separate rooms, one for them and one for Michael and me. The hotel must have been really full because our room was on a different floor than our parent's. That evening was the rehearsal dinner but since none of us were in the wedding, we weren't going. Instead, we stayed at the hotel and Michael and I decided we wanted to go to the pool.

We changed into our swimming suits in our room, right in front of each other, checking each other out the whole time. I knew then that this trip could get interesting. The pool was smaller than I thought it would be, but we were the only people there. I also noticed that the water could have been a little cleaner, only seconds before being pushed right into the water by Michael. I fell into the pool with a splash as he stood next to the pool laughing, then hopped in himself. We were very flirtatious as we splashed around in the pool, our minimally clothed bodies rubbing against one another. After a while, a family with some kids showed up to swim so we decided to get out and head back to our room. When we got back, I announced I was going to shower. Keep in mind that Michael and I shared a bathroom at home and after everything that happened we started being in the bathroom together all the time. It was a regular occurance for one of us to be in the shower and the other come in to pee or brush their teeth. So I didn't think anything of Michael coming into the hotel bathroom right after I got in the shower. What surprised me was when he pulled back the shower curtain, naked, and got into the shower with me.
"Well hello there." He said as he stepped in.

"Hello..." I replied, obviously confused.

"I figured I might as well join you." He shrugged, grabbing a washcloth and the soap.

I noticed he already had a hard on. I honestly didn't have any objections to him getting in the shower with me, I figured at this point why not? At first it was fairly innocent. We were washing our bodies and talking about the wedding the next day and things that were going on at home when we got back. I turned around and started washing my hair. We came to a break in conversation and as I started to rinse my hair, I felt Michael press his dick against my butt cheeks. I turned around quickly and we were only inches apart, his hard on touching my stomach. Neither of us said anything. I slowly reached down and gently touched it. I had given a few hand jobs by this time but I took my time slowly feeling and exploring his cock, as if I had never touched one before. He reached around and grabbed my ass with both hands, pulling me into him so we were pressed chest to chest. And then something I never imagined happened. We kissed. I have no idea if either one of us was more responsible for instigating it than the other, but neither of us stopped it. We stood under the hot water making out for probably close to 5 minutes before Michael pulled away.

"Let's get out." He said.

I was worried that maybe he felt bad about kissing. We turned off the water and got out and started drying off. I decided that he didn't feel bad about kissing because before we were even finished drying off, he was playing with his still rock hard dick. He left the bathroom and got onto his bed. I followed suit but headed toward my bed.

"No, come join me." He said, patting his bed for me to go sit next to him.

So I did.

We started out facing each other, touching ourselves like usual. Then Michael stopped and reached over to me. First gently grabbing and squeezing my boobs, brushing his fingers over my nipples. I moaned in pleasure as his hands started working their way down my torso, teasing my stomach and hips with his wandering hands. Finally he reached down and with just one finger, started rubbing my clit in small circles. We moved onto the bed more so I was sitting with my back against the headboard and we were facing each other. He resumed working on my clit as I started slowly stroking him. He knew what he was doing, expertly fingering me and hitting all the right spots. He was thrusting his hips along with my strokes and after only a few minutes he said, "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum."

He stopped fingering me and started cumming. It shot out further than I'd ever seen and got everywhere. It was on the bed and on the floor and all over us. After taking a second to recover he said, "Your turn."

He had me lay back on the bed and slid his fingers back into me.

"Let me know when you're close." He told me.

I nodded.

As his fingers worked away, he leaned down and kissed my stomach, chest, and neck.

After a few more minutes I whispered, "I'm close."

Right as I felt my orgasm hit, Michael pushed a finger into my ass. Holy shit. He continued to finger me as I came, grinding my hips into his hand and making animalistic noises. I had never felt like that before. As I relaxed he slowly pulled his fingers out of me. We laid next to each other for a bit, talking about what just happened. We both said we'd like to do it again. Eventually we got up and cleaned ourselves up. That night we slept in the same bed together and just cuddled.

The next day was the wedding, and next time I will tell what happened after the wedding.



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