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A Lone Runner

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This incident surprised the hell out of me whilst I was enjoying some fresh air and exercise last week.


I recently decided to take a short break from work.  One of my aims was to have a bit of time for myself and in particular, I wanted to take a bit of exercise and get myself back in a slightly healthier shape.  As part of this I have started taking daily brisk walks and this incident happened on one of those walks last week.

We are lucky that we live just on the outskirts of our town and within only a few minutes walk we are out in open countryside.  So I set off from the house on Tuesday last week and as usual didn’t see a soul on the first leg of my walk.  I was walking along a path down the edge of a field towards a wooden gate.  Beyond the gate the path bent slightly to the left and then went up a slight hill along the edge of some woodland.  As I was coming up to the gate I saw a lone jogger running down the hill towards me.  It was clear from the swishing ponytail that it was a lady runner but without my glasses on I couldn’t tell much more than that.  She was moving at some pace so, as I reached the gate I opened it to allow her to run straight through.  As she approached she smiled broadly and thanked me very much for holding the gate and joked about running being a very silly idea, then she disappeared off into the distance the way I had just walked.  The rest of the walk was uneventful and I didn’t see another person.

A couple of days later I set off on the same circuit again.  It was a beautiful day with blue sky and full sunshine.  I think summer is definitely on the way now.  As I got walking at a good steady pace I began to realise how hot it was.  Almost immediately I had to take off my thin fleece as I began to break into a sweat.  All the trees along the path were now coming into leaf and there were wild flowers in bloom everywhere.

As I began to get close to the gate again I saw the same woman running down the hill towards me.  It must be the same time of day I thought to myself.  This time I didn’t quite reach the gate before her and she opened it herself and then stood panting, bent over with her hands on her knees.  She looked exhausted.  As I got nearer she stood up straight again and smiled at me and said through her laboured breath “Beat you to it today!”  I laughed and replied “It was your turn to open the gate anyway”.

As I walked up to where she stood she made no effort to start running again and seemed to be taking a breather from her exertions.  She was, I would guess, in her thirties with quite a stocky build but very trim and muscular.  She clearly did a lot of exercise and had a fine pair of legs that had clearly benefitted from the running.  She was very pretty and had a beaming smile despite being very red in the face and struggling to catch her breath.

As she stood panting and sweating by the gate I said “You look as if you have been working very hard”.  She replied “Yeah, I have really creamed my knickers up today!”  I was more than a bit surprised by this response but apologised and pretended I had not properly heard her.

She repeated with a grin “Yes, I have been pushing hard today and I have really creamed up my knickers.  My panties are really wet and sticky!”

Her cheeky smile and open rudeness made me feel a bit bold and I laughed and said “Will you be OK or is there anything I need to check for you?”

Without a seconds hesitation she replied “You can check if you want but I must warn you it is pretty wet and sticky down there.”  I had expected her to laugh off my comment but she seemed to be giving me the ‘come on’.

“Really?” I replied.

With that she leant back on the gate post and lifted her tee shirt with her right hand, pulled her lycra running shorts away from her flat muscular stomach with her left hand and said “Be my guest.”

I walked up beside her and said again “Really, are you serious?”

“Sure” she said with a wry smile, “Have a feel and see what you think.”

As I moved close to her I could feel the heat radiating from her and could smell her dampness.  I looked down the front of her running shorts that she was still holding open for me and could see the waistband of her panties.  I looked up into her face again and she nodded ever so slightly.  With that I thought “Why not? When am I going to get another chance like this?”

I quickly looked round to confirm that there was nobody anywhere in sight and then I slipped my right hand down the front of her shorts with my palm just skimming her beautiful flat lower belly.  As I reached the waistband of her knickers with the tips of my fingers I could feel the heat and the dampness coming up from between her legs.  I quickly glanced at her face and she had her eyes closed so I carried on sliding my hand down over her panties towards her pussy.  As my fingers reached the slight raise of her pubic mound I could feel that her panties were indeed very wet and I continued until my finger tips found the top of her slit.  As I reached this point she gasped slightly in my ear and as I looked at her face again I met her eyes which were looking straight back into mine.  She had an intense look on her face but with her smile still just turning her lips up at the corners.

I pushed my hand further down into the tightness of her lycra shorts and bent my fingers under her pussy into the wet sliminess that was seeping through her knickers. At this point the smell of her sex drifted up to me. She smelt hot, sweet and very aroused.  I allowed my middle finger to press the material of her panties into her slit and stroked it up and down a couple of times.  God, she was so wet!  I pressed into her slit a bit harder and she let out a long deep moan.

After a couple more slides of my finger up and down her slit she suddenly seemed to become a bit impatient and quickly pushed her running shorts down to her knees.  Her wet knickers were now fully exposed.  I took the hint and pushed my hand deep into them and found the incredibly wet and slippery mess in the crotch.  Again I bent my fingers round and before I realised it two fingers had slid inside her pussy. She pushed hard into my hand and began grinding against my fingers.  I realised she was not wanting a long foreplay so I began to vigorously finger her sopping pussy whilst rubbing her clit with base of my thumb.  She was so wet and slippery the palm of my hand was literally squelching against her smooth mound and as I fingered her.  She began to start panting again and grinding her pussy against my hand harder, then suddenly she grabbed my wrist with both hands, spread her legs a bit more and forced my hand really hard into her pussy.  As she did this she gasped loudly and her hips jerked and she ground into the palm of my hand. I could feel her vaginal muscles gripping my fingers and even more wetness running out of her.

After her orgasm subsided and she caught her breath a bit she stood up straight and lifted my hand out of her knickers.  She straightened them up and as she did I could see her pussy juice literally running down the inside of her thighs.  She bent down and pulled her running shorts back up into place tightly against her prominent pussy mound and straightened her tee shirt.  She smiled broadly, quickly kissed me on the lips and said “Thanks, I really needed that this morning!”  With that she turned and jogged off up the path!

I stood watching her disappear off into the distance with my mouth open, my dick straining at the front of my trousers and my hand completely covered in her sticky pussy juice.  I don’t think I have ever been so blatantly used for sex as that, but I liked it!  Before I moved another step I got my cock out and with the slippery, sticky mess of her pussy still in my hand I wanked myself off to a really good orgasm and a surprisingly big cum shot.

That episode certainly put a spring in my step for the rest of my walk.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the young woman again since, even though I walk that route every day.  If I never see her again it will be a fantastic memory and perhaps it is better that it stays that way.



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