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Summer of '71

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She was twenty years old


Spending the day at the beach with my first and only serious girlfriend became routine when we were 18, 19 YO, horny, young adults. She lived about a block from the ocean. She had spent a lot of time on the beach with her friends growing up. I lived across the Bay about 30 minutes away. We had met through family friends who were acquainted for quite a long time but not in close regular contact. I was quite a shy teenager. She was not so shy but still inexperienced.

On our third date she seductively lured me by stroking flower blossoms around my face till she directed our lips in front of each other. I took it as an unspoken invitation to first base which I gladly but tentatively 'accepted'. We made necking and petting a top priority that summer whenever we could be alone. On the beach during the afternoons we would conduct furtive petting, groping, fondeling under a towel or between our bodies pressed together while laying on our towels.

On one occasion she was laying on her front with her arms at her sides and I worked her hand down the front of my swim suit (as I was laying beside her but facing her on my side so no one who may happen to look could really see anything) so she could grasp my dick and feel me up, stopping and starting several times through cycles of erection and deflation as I read a book to her to distract from the sexy activity while waiting for my penis to become soft so she could move her hand a little to make me hard again. All the while we were almost surrounded by other families, singles and couples within 20 to 100 feet of us.

When we got back to her house alone we eventually showered together, when stripping off each others bathing suits she made me promise to keep my eyes closed, I did and got to soap her all over. Her tits were 36C (still are) and I was amazed at their smooth white (I peeked) softness. Her nipples responded to my touch and I could have been happy there the rest of my life but other areas of her 5'9', 36- 29-38 fantastic blonde haired tanned, body were also of interest.

To this day I never tire of lovingly massaging her butt legs and thighs. We lovingly washed and fondled each other and she gave me my first hand job. I was in heaven! Our three years of dating, steady & engagement were filled with learning about each other, many showers together and eventually learning to thrill each other. We wanted to save a lot till our wedding night. After some evenings of petting & my cock aching for more she would lovingly apply lotion and massage away the discomfort. When I got home I would have to JO to relieve the urgent need to release that built up sperm. She had more will power than me and somehow during her adolescense she never learned to masterbate to please herself. That was left for me exclusively. We saved the best for last on our wedding night. We never regret waiting and saving our virginity for each other. To this day, after 36 years we are exclusive. We have had our difficulties and endless adjustments to get along but in the end the best way is one man and one woman till death do us part. The last two years we have tried to enjoy a once a month hand job for me.



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