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Pleasure Through Our Open Windows

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Around sunset I sit down at my desk by the window. In my robe, I look across at my neighbors window, hoping she turns on her light. If the light comes on I know she'll be wearing her robe too...

Sitting at my desk now I know it's too early but it feels so good to just be wearing a tee. No pants..only a tee. I fondle my cock, feeling the smooth shaft in my hand. Then I caress my balls, which are full. I'm thinking about my nest door neighbor. I know she's at work. No chance her bedroom light will come on. Too early in the day. So I haven't bothered putting on my robe. I'll save that for this evening. We aren't close neighbors. We don't share anything personal when we pass in our yards. We're just friends. I know her name is Sarah. I think she's a widow. She rarely has company. She walks her dog as soon as she comes in for work. I know if I'd like to say hello I can "run into her" then. We do have a special bond though.


As the sun is setting I put my robe on. A new chapter of the day is beginning. I sit right here at my desk, check messages and surf around a little. I wait patiently with one eye watching across at Sarah's window. It would be nice to see her light come on. My light is on. I just wait. After a few minutes I see a pleasant surprise. Her light pops on. She sits on her bed. I can only see her face, shoulders and that gorgeous neck. She has her robe on. Because I'm still sitting she only knows I'm wearing my robe too. We both stop what we're doing, smile and just wait. Will she? Should I? Then, she takes the lead. She stands, steps closer to the widow, unties her sash, and opens her robe. She doesn't touch yet. Just allows me to take it all in. I do with a genuine smile. I stand and step to my window. I wait. Sometimes I'm just a tease hehe. Then I very slowly untie and and gently open my robe. I can tell she likes what she sees. I can see it in her eyes. Her nipples are erect. She isn't touching her body but I can just tell that she's stimulated. And I am as well. My cock isn't fully hard yet but it will be soon. Right now it's thick - and throbbing. I hope she sees that one glistening drop of precum on the tip. It's for her.



She brings her hands up to her shoulders and slides the robe off. Just like that I'm looking at her beautiful, naked body. Her hands then slide down her chest and cover her breasts. Touching herself closes her eyes and causes her head to slowly tilt back. She loves her body. My hand slides down my chest, past my hard nipples, and down over my stomach. Then ever so slowly, I take my cock in my hand. I just hold it. She is watching me now. I like her to look. It turns her on and she slides her hand down over her pussy. It's shaved, we both are, and I begin fantasizing about running my tongue over it. As she gently tickles her clit I start slowly masturbating. Up and down, up and down, up and down... When the tickling becomes more than she can take she slides a finger in. She knows her pussy well and know exactly what feels good. I continue to stroke my hard cock - never looking down, always at her. Now her other hand goes to her breast and the touch of her nipple sends her head back again. I reach up and pinch my nipple, the pinch the other. We are so comfortable with each other. I can tell now she has inserted a second finger in, which causes me to masturbate faster. Who's going first? She pulls her fingers out and puts one in her mouth. Watching her lick her pussy juice is going to put me over the edge. I stroke faster, harder, wanting to cum. She enjoys watching me even more now, knowing she's close too. And just like that, looking deep into each others eyes, we cum. It's intense, and sensual and doesn't stop. My cum shoots out and down my leg. Her fingers are deep in her pussy now and she fucks herself with abandon. I can see her lips saying "Oh my god!" over and over again. In no hurry now, we both squeeze every drop of pleasure out of ourselves. We smile at each other as if we're saying "What the fuck just happened?" We know it's time to go now. We savor one last look at each others bodies. She steps back...and the light goes out. I grab my robe and head to the shower, hoping all the way that we'll meet again tomorrow...




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