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With My Cousin

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My cousin Jason is fourteen, and he has a nice athletic body. He is 5'5' and has dirty blond hair, that sits like a mop above his face. He has rather tan skin in the summertime, which is when this story takes place. Although I usually like girls, I feel very attracted to Jason. His biceps are well-formed from playing football and baseball, and he is rather slim but filled out with muscle. He has beautiful brown eyes and a rough face for just fourteen-he shaves nearly ever day. He has full armpit hair, which I just have now at fifteen.

Last weekend I slept over his house, and although we had never masturbated together, I really wanted to. We spent the days at the beach, all the while I was eyeing his perfect body. I was far too shy to say anything about it, though.

Saturday night we retired to his bedroom. This particular night found us sharing a bed because their house was quite small and they needed to accomodate several other guests. This got me excited, to be so close to Jason. We walked into his room and as he took his shirt off, he said, 'Dude I'm not even tired,' as he laid back on his small bed. I took my shirt off and said 'Yeah man, let's talk for a while.' I wanted to find out if he masturbated. I know I did when I was his age, so I thought maybe this could start something.

I looked beside his bed and saw a small tube of lube. Glancing toward it, I asked 'So what do you use that for?'

'Haha beating off man, what else?' he laughed. I was surprised how unashamed he was.

'Dude I am so horny, I haven't masturbated since last week.'

'Yeah I usually do it like once a day, around this time.'

My desire pushed my next words out: 'I'll help you out if you do the same for me.' My heart nearly stopped.

'Haha man yeah If you want to.' I was relieved shcoked and excited in one surge of emotion. By now we were laying facing each other, and I could see he had an erection through his boxers. He smiled as he pulled off his pants, and his six inch dick sprung out, completely hard. I looked for a few moments, and he broke the silence.

'Well let's see what you've got now.' He looked at me with a great big grin as he lay nude next to me. I wanted so bad to touch his body.

I pulled off my shorts and he stared with his mouth open at my seven inch dick. He didn't hesitate to touch it, and instantly I was laying back and he was slowly rubbing the tip of my penis with his eyes closed, wearing a passionate look on his face. He spat on my penis and rubbed it all over my tip. My precum was already coming out. He then stroked my dick from the top to the base, sending a chill straight through my body. I quivered and I reached over to touch his chest. He had a little bit of chest hair starting to come in, and I rubbed his chest up and down. He began to rub my balls rythmically and I spread my legs as wide as they could go-I was in heaven. I decided then to push him off and get on top. I reached for the bottle of lube and squeezed a generous amount over his penis. I felt every inch of his body as he continued beating me off. I began stroking his penis, faster and faster. 'F*ck yeah' he whispered in a deep throaty groan. He was moaning and I was moaning-we both stopped stroking for a second and just hugged each other. Our penises pushed up against one another. I kissed him gently. It was the first time I ever kissed another boy. It felt so good, his wet lips on mine. I kissed his rough cheeks, and then slid my tongue in his mouth. I rolled over beside him and I beat him slowly with a steady pulse. He whimpered. I kissed his neck and down to his arms. I licked his armpits and tasted his sweat. I licked his whole chest and sucked on his nipples. He moaned as he kissed me all over, my back, my ass everything. He licked from my belly button down toward my penis. He tickled my balls as we both prepared to climax. We both pumped harder and harder until I felt the deepest and longest orgasm I ever felt. My cum shot halfway across the room, I kissed him again and we hugged and ground up against each other for a long time after.



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