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First Awarenesses

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After so many 'daydreams' I finally got to see...and more


Discovering this site has been such fun for the past couple of weeks, and I have many stories. I hope this is the first of them.

My absolute best friend throughout grade school (Catholic, NYC, late 50s) was Brian. We did everything together, and none of it was sexual or even remotely so. I always was very close to him and we played endlessly...baseball, all kinds of outdoor games and we visited each other's homes often. He was one of eight kids, I one of six. I actually felt like he and all his brothers (and sisters) were really 'cute'...that's all I can say. Kind of small-featured, very Irish-looking kids. I was (I am) olive-skinned, Italian-American).

My family belonged to a private beach and once a week we could bring friends for 'guest day'. I often brought Brian and we swam from one end of the day to the other. This one time we were going to actually sleep at the beach (totally great)...My father usually stayed with us, though he was by no means a difficult 'chaperone'...he went to bed pretty early and we were mostly trusted and on our own.

We had to take a shower at the end of the day and we went to the open shower rooms but into separate 'stalls' . We had our bathing suits on. Brian asked me if I usually took mine off and I said 'Sometimes.' He said he would only if I did. I was so quietly excited that I was going to get to see him nude! We had talked about 'body parts' a lot and never had seen each other. We came out of the shower to the changing room...both still in bathing suits. He was standing on the bench, I on the floor. He smiled and said...'So? You gonna?' My face was just below his crotch and I could hardly speak: 'Yea,' I said. I undid the drawstring and slowly pulled mine down and he did the same. He was totally erect (I was too) totally hairless, and his penis (cut) snapped up and audibly hit his belly. It was so tight and pointed straight up and all he did was smile and sort of giggle. I knew I was in love with the male body from that day to this. He saw mine and had never seen one like it (uncut). I said 'Wait till tonight. I'll show you something neat.'

Later I told him my penis looked the same as his. He said 'No way' but I pulled down my night 'suit', actually underwear, and pulled my foreskin back...he just gaped and said...'Wow...like a convertible!)

We touched a lot that night, all over, just experimenting. Neither of us climaxed but we got to know our entire bodies very well...my first total examination of my best friend's body!

More to come...



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