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Close Friends

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Not gay!


This event occurred many years ago (early teens), so it is being written according to the way I remember it and so is true to the best an old mans memory is able to recall. Now, on to the story.

I went to my close friend Clarys house which was located in a suburb of Milwaukee Wi. Him and I had both grown up in the same area of Milwaukee and had been friend for many years before he had moved out to the suberbs. We both were together on most weekends, either at his house or at mine. This weekend was my turn to stay at his place Saturday night and return to my house by bus on Sunday afternoon. The day went as usual with all day spent laughing and just hanging out and pssing the day as young teens do, then in the evening we listened to some of the mysteries on radio and later turned the station to a hillbilly music station which both Clary and I enjoyed. In those days, none of our other friends would admit to liking this type of music. We stayed up until about 1:am and then him and I went upstairs to his bedroom which was one of two bedrooms in the upper floor of the house. The bed was just big enough for two, but we had to sleep pretty close to each other.

This was not the first time that we had slept with each other, but somehow I knew that this night would be different. Both of us then got undressed, pulled the covers back and went to bed. We laid there next to each other for perhaps 15 minutes or so just talking about girls and other things. We had the lights off and only the light of the night coming in thru the open window which we could just barely see each others outline. I might have been sleeping or in deep thought (not sure which?), when I became aware of something just barely touching my left thigh. Could not figure exactly what it was at first but soon realized it was the back of Clarys hand. As I laid there, I felt his hand move very slowly up my leg. At about the same time, I felt a stirring in my crotch area and began to develop a hard on. Now Clary had turned his hand so that his fingers were now caressing my thigh and had moved to the inside of my upper leg and I tried to pretend that I was asleep though, I was trying to slowly move my legs further apart to make it easier for him to slide his finger further toward the under ware edge where now his fingers were slipping inside to my bare skin. By now, I was completely hard and it was getting hard to control my breathing which had began to speed up considerably. I could not do it! So then, I no longer tried to do anything but spread my legs a little further and now with my left hand reaching toward his upper thigh, I repeated the same movement he was doing on me. He let his hand now move very quickly to my balls which he very lightly caressed.

I did the very same thing with him. Now his hand moved to the tops of my under ware which with my help he slid off. Now, I removed his. I was now very excited as was he. He sat up in the bed and took my cock in his hand and then as I took his also, he said, 'Did you ever do this before? I looked toward him as we both began to stroke each other and said, ' No, not with anyone that I really wanted to.' he looked at me quizzically. We both stopped our hand movements. I said, 'Uncles don't count? Do they?' 'Oh, you too' he said. I nodded. That made us both more comfortable and we began stroking each other and talking about what had happened to both of us at a much earlier age. I noticed right away that Clary had a lot of pubic hair at that time and I knew that he now knew that I only had 'peach hair' then even though he was a year younger then I. Now he said. 'I'd really like to do more then just this, would you?' 'yes', I replied! We then assumed the 69 position on our sides, and did something I am not allowed to discuss here.

Man, it was feeling so good to have someone you truly liked a lot giving you all of himself. I was getting real close to climax when I felt his cock pulse and then his warm cum shot out. We both kept jacking for another minute or two and I did cum a second time. Then we both went to sleep. That was the beginning and went on until I went to service when the Korean war broke out. Never seen him again after I got out and was married.



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