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With My Buddy and His Wife's Panties

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My friend and I discovered mutual fun with a twist!


A couple of years ago I went to visit my college friend in another city. We were both married and his wife happened to be out of town that weekend. I was more than slightly bummed as she is very hot and I love to take in her nice curves and then pound one out the next chance I have.

Anyway, it was great to catch up as we had not been together in some time. We somehow got onto the topic of jerking off and before you knew it we were talking about our favorite ways to do it etc.

As I became more bold, I told him about how intense it was to jerk off into a hot girls pair of panties. This peaked his curiosity as he explained that he had never tried. I gave him many examples of how I had done it at friend's homes finding them in a hamper in the bathroom etc., and having a 'quickie' without anyone knowing the better. He seemed to really enjoy my descriptions of my stories and I could tell he was getting hard. I too was getting rigid in the pants and kept on answering any questions that he had. Then he hit me with a tough question. He wanted to know if I had ever jerked off with HIS wife's panties. I admitted that I had not. Then he asked if I had ever wanted to do that. This was tough, and I told him I had always wanted to but didn't out of respect for him.

He took it in his stride and then said he had to go to the bathroom. I was left somewhat concerned until he returned holding a pair of pink lacey thong panties. My cock twitched in my pants as he tossed them to me to inspect. He told me I could have my wish only so long as he got to watch. My cock jerked on it's own again thinking about this since jerking off with another guy was something I had never done.

I felt a rush in my head as I held them in my hand feeling the smooth surfaces and seeing the slightly soiled insides. I slowly brought them to my nose taking in a whiff of her sweet scent only making me all the more ready to lose it right there. My friend was obviously loving this since he quickly pushed his pants and boxers to his ankles exposing his pulsing cock. I too freed my dick and it sprang to attention.

He then encouraged me to really enjoy myself and plopped down on the sofa next to me. His bare leg was touching mine and that got me very hot. He asked me about what I thought and I could barely speak. I was overwhelmed with sensations as I began to jerk my cock. He too was pulling his dick in time with me watching closely. He seemed fascinated and it was great having an audience. It was then that he told me to just enjoy the panties and he would help me out. He pulled my fist off my cock and took over for me as he began pumping. I just nodded with deep breaths and buried my face in the panties and took a taste. That sent me over the edge and uncountable ribbons of white cum erupted from my cock-head coating his hands and part of my belly.

He then took the panties from my hands and used them wipe up my hot cum. Now soaked, he wrapped them around his long dick and told me to jerk him off. I gladly obliged gripping his firm penis with the slippery panties in a pounding motion. He really started getting into it thrusting harder and harder as his ass kept lifting off the sofa into the cum smeared panties. Finally, he let out a deep guttural moan as he pumped himself into my hand squirting what seemed like a ton of cum all over him and me. I used the same panties to clean him up, but they were truly a mess. We both felt elated and sat back laughing. All these years and we never had this type of fun. We did it many more times that weekend. I even let him use my wife's panties the next time he was in town!! So hot!



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